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    Favorite NPC- Dragons, Giants and Crows

    Kitty she is so dynamic in everything she does.
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    Within Countess Thorn's Estate

    Becky clears her addled, little mind and steps forward to answer the ArchMage. As for his first question, the Countess did tell us not to bring a lockpick and not to be snooping around the mansion but she was nodding yes as she said not to. Being a family friend of Lady Emilia she was concerned...
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    The Lost Girl

    Becky pokes her head into the tavern looking for familiar faces. "Hello? Peoples?" she calls.
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    That which we know!

    T'ellah adds a note before leaving the fort. CW's Livestock for Sale Oxen, Wagon 3 gold Cattle/head 2 gold, 5 silver Sheep or Goat or Pig/head 2 gold Rooster 1 gold 5 silver Hen 1 gold Riding Horse 3 gold Draft Horse 5 gold War Horse 10 gold Dog, Guard/ War 2 gold Dog, Hunting 1 gold
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    Who is available for Dungeon Run teams?

    Looks like my team has room for 1 more. Would prefer ranged (caster or archer) PM Me
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    Dungeon Run Teams

    Becky - Christine Tengu - Tim Bota - Phillipe Arlyne - Elizel Ruki - Randy Alearwyn - Dawn G Mar - D'arcy Shin- James C
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    Who is available for Dungeon Run teams?

    My Dungeon run team is looking for a shield/front line fighter. PM me
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    Looking for the pink Middenvaler

    "Rest up, you're going to need it. We'll get together for a drink later and I'll catch you all up."
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    Looking for the pink Middenvaler

    "I'm so glad you're back! I knew I could always count on you. The way things are going I may need your assistance very soon. And yes, we do owe him greatly. Getting to kill Sect members is just the icing on the cake."
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    Looking for the pink Middenvaler

    "We are getting his house restored by helping him take out the Sect"
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    Looking for the pink Middenvaler

    "I've been practicing and getting stronger every day!" Becky flexes a muscle "There has been so much happening since we left the Breach. Lord Feystand is free, free at last!"
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    Looking for the pink Middenvaler

    Becky come running up and give Tengu a BIG hug "Tengu! You're back! I've missed you so much!" :D
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    A "Lord" calls

    "Not that I can think of right now. There are lots of people I trust, like almost all of my fellow Breachers. And they all hate the Sect too. I'll bring any of them that want to help or to meet you my lord." Becky pauses "Oh wait, I brought an unconscious sect member to your house while you were...
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    A "Lord" calls

    "I'm always happy to help the Homeguard. And you know will always do ANYTHING to help you destroy the sect and restore your house. So anything you want, I'm in." :) <inner monologue: He's so dreamy>