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    Big West 2019 - Visitor Assistance Program

    Not sure if something has been sent, but I haven't received anything yet
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    Big West 2019 - Visitor Assistance Program

    I don't have any set times as of yet. I was going to try booking around other people. If I can find a ride I am also going to be spending a couple days after event in Seattle.
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    Big West 2019 - Visitor Assistance Program

    A ride from the Airport. Then a ride back to the Pike Market area. Then possibly a blanket and Pillow. I am not sure how much space the people driving my stuff will have for that
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    Big West 2019 - Visitor Assistance Program

    Hey. I am just looking for some possible assistance for going to event. I am from Calgary.
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    Item Conversion Questions

    Just checking. I can trade in items that don't have rituals that are disappearing in the new rules, (Render Indestructable, And Skill Stores) for different ones.
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    Event Review: Way Station Ashventhyr

    Favourite Moments: Entertaining myself by stealing 6 bottles of Booze from the bar. (2 from behind, then 2 from the top of the counter, then 2 more from behind the bar after the raise in security) Less Favourite Moments: The Murder Mystery story, other then the points that have already been...
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    Wedding RSVP

    If I can get away from NPC camp Aezir will make it
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    A Traveler Returns

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    A Traveler Returns

    A wagon pulled by a Massive horse pulls up to the front of the Duchess' Estate. Out jumps a hooded Sarr looking a little disheveled and ruffed up. "I'll be right back Bersi" He says with a gruff voice as he pats the horse before walking into the building. waving at the guards as he passes them...
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    Earth Wands

    I like the idea of the Earth Casters getting something in line with Wands. I even like the style of Item that Cory was mentioning that is being voted on. But I feel like to keep in the theme of Earth Casters there should be something that has to do with Necromancy for what is included. I'm not...
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    [0.9] Rogues - Changes to backstab damage and archery

    The only thing I can see as an issue with giving the Rogues Curse Effects to make skills be uniquely fighter, Is your now just switching it to being Earth Casters and Rogues have the same type of abilities. Which would push Earth Casters further into being primarily Heal Bots since you can now...
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    [0.9] Paragon Paths

    I know this is just the proposal. But I would like to possibly see a Earth Scholar/Templar Path that has to do with Curses, as there are some Earth Casters who do not focus on Healing.
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    Coming for a visit

    "Then you are welcome to join. Now follow me I will explain on the way" Feystand says disappearing down a pathway.
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    Coming for a visit

    "Well met Boris, as long as you can be descrete you may come" Feystand says looking Boris up and down a bit uneasy.
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    Coming for a visit

    "That is alright there wasn't much that could have been done at the Tavern after what happened. Things have been......" After looking around and thinking for a moment. "Interesting since then. But we should probably make sure there aren't any enemy ear's listening in on us."