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    Replenishing Production Point Pool with Crafting Material

    Only the Crafting Materials associated with the skill can be used to refill the CAE pool.
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    Wrong time duration on high magic abilities

    High Magic abilities should last until the end of the LP. Thanks!
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    Ritual Failures. High magic vs Mastery Score

    High Magic should be Ritual Mastery at that spot. Good catch!
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    Superior Equipment Weapon of smiting

    The ingredient required is a tag for a Silvered weapon. The rep required is a physical weapon rep. There is no particular requirement a weapon rep needs to fulfill to be usable with a tag for a Silvered weapon.
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    Confused returning player.

    High Magic is a skill you can buy with XP, that generates a pool of points that you can spend on abilities. One of the abilities you can spend points on is Formal Magic, which allows you to cast rituals, basically. The ritual system went through a pretty significant overhaul in the 1.3 to 2.0...
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    Confused returning player.

    Yes. They pay double cost for Read Magic. Over the course of the last few rules updates, mental abilities were changed so that they unlocked when you hit specific benchmarks for racial xp and level. 2.1 Beta has removed the level restriction, so access to the mental abilities is purely based...
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    Workplace of Convenience, Cannibal / Reagent Augment Clarification

    The workshop is still a building/structure, regardless of its ability to travel within and between chapters, and would not be stealable.
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    Stopper Anything / Scroll Anything CM cost

    Stopper/Scroll Anything requires that you expend 9 points of your CAE pool, plus an additional 9 Crafting Materials, plus a use of the Stopper/Scroll Anything ability. Items created using these abilities cannot be Recycled or Cannibalized as they are not Adventuring Equipment Items, as they do...
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    Workplace of Convenience, Cannibal / Reagent Augment Clarification

    You can repeatedly refill your pool up to the number of points of the item turned in, but you can't turn in a catalyst, use 10 of those points now and save the rest for later.
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    Armor Patch and Arcane Smith

    Armor patches can be used on any time of Base Armor, physical, Arcane, or Natural.
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    magic shields and a broken effect?

    An item with a spellcrafted ritual on it should not be treated as a magical item for purposes of break/shatter.
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    Workplace of Convenience, Cannibal / Reagent Augment Clarification

    Right. The Cannibal augment lets you turn stuff into fuel for crating stuff. Note though that when you Cannibalize (for example) a ritual scroll, you do not get 20 Crafting Materials, you get the ability to use your CAE pool as if you had 20 CM. Basically, you just don't get change.
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    Workplace of Convenience, Cannibal / Reagent Augment Clarification

    For purposes of the 2.1 Beta, Workshop of Convenience will still allow production items, reagents, ritual scrolls, and catalysts to be turned in in place of Crafting Materials to pay for production using the Craft Adventuring Equipment abilities at the following rates: Production Items: PP...
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    Craft Adventuring Equipment

    You select how you spend your crafting ability points each logistics period.
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    Deadman's Switch

    Any trap used to fuel Deadman's Switch is consumed/expended/used as soon as the Focus is completed. It is not recoverable. Deadman's switch affects a single target administering a killing blow against the character with that ability. There is no radius involved. The verbal for Deadman's switch...