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    Speed packets wanted

    Looking to purchase 100 to 200 speed packets. Color doesn't really matter except no orange or blue. :) I live in California. If interested please hit me up as I would like to try and get these prior to the 24th of this month.
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    Poisoned food

    Not sure if this is valid or not but i recall people using poison giving the tag to a marshal then walking over and using a dropper to drip (water) poison into a drink then walk away. This prevented the looking under a glass to see the tag then not drinking when your char. would have. In same...
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    Have Goblin Stamps in SF? Make sure we have your email address!

    However if you are looking to boost a new Char. up you can always use GS you have with our chapter to backbuy events.
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    GS Purchases and LCO item rules

    LCO Magic Item Policy This policy will be enforced beginning June 15 2019. At the time of initial Logistics check-in for an event, each PC may check in no more than 20 LCO rituals as follows: § An LCO item must be completely checked-in or left at home; items may not be “split” and partially...
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    Enerret Day Game June 15

    I will be arriving on site at 7am. Park opens at 6am.
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    Ritual casting (earth)

    Tolgar will be casting rituals. If you are trying to get anything cast (earth) then please contact me with total number of rituals scrolls and the difficulty of each, if you would like the item true empowered, and if you would like anything special flavor wise on the item when it is identified...
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    Pre-registration for Maelstrom day game June 1st -- our first 2.0 game!

    There will be a few of us there early to help get things rolling so we can actually start on time. If you want to be ready for when we call game on, I highly suggest getting up on the hill earlier then you typically do. Also Jerrod and I will be available online to assist with some last min...
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    2019 Season Pass

    I just noticed that I am not on the season pass list but I had sent the money via paypal a long time ago.
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    Auction for baked goods

    How dare you take my sweets away from me 7g
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    Pre-registration for Maelstrom Season Opener Feb 15-17, 2019

    You can also order pizza 100% confirmed and delicious!
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    Donation List

    I am still very much looking for 5-10 realistic crawling dolls. Needed ASAP so the props committee can do what they need with them. Special gobbie bonus for anyone who comes through with these.
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    Donation List

    Thick stuff! would prefer white on color.
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    Spell card dimensions

    You can always fold the spell card in half and tape inside so really you can have a pretty small spell book if you wish.