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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that we (Me, my wife, our son) came into Alliance just after 2.0 was started, in that time we have realized that the system is amazing! We feel the options and paths open to us will never leave us wanting, we will always be excited about the game...
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    Feb 15th Menu

    Feb 15th Menu - by way of Diane and Evan Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce & Buns / Baked Beans / Cole Slaw Pasta Salad / Chips / Candy Snack Blue Kook-Aid / Coffee / Water / Electrolyte Drink ... If you've registered as a PC, but did not choose the $5 food option, feel free to bring the money and...
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    Shattered Realms Codex

    I absolutely love the name Codex! Sharing this with everyone is a testament to the family that is SoMi. Please, everyone look it over so folks like Jayden and me can benifit from your experiences, as well as hearing your hopes and desires. To the SoMi family and the 2020 Plot Teams - Huzzah!
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    LARPtopia (Moon) Feb 15 event

    LARPtopia (Moon) will be at SoMi's February 15, 2020 event by way of the Walker Clan. Let us know if you would like to see something in particular so we can check our current stock and have it ready for you, we will be picking up items in a few days. ...
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    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    I love the two-way conversations here, it's a teaching platform for us newer folks that I don't think was anticipated. Our May plot team has great support, but hearing the stories of things learned, and things thought out (like the laser measure) give a level of insight I don't think this forum...
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    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    Family, if I could select a family to have, it would by you all ~ my highly dysfunctional, ever inclusive, always accepting, warm-hearted, tough love, ecstatically fun ... SoMi family. Sad that Diane & Jayden didn't get to attend due to the roads, but very glad they didn't, it was risky, slow...
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    Is there a simple computer program for such type maps?
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    2020 Traverse Schedule

    I hope to be able to visit. Such great news! Maybe share to SoMi discord?
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    Favorites October 11th-13th

    All the amazing work by Plot, the NPCs, Tavern folks, and the great comradery. Getting to go on Mods as part of: The Heck, The Pride, and the OEF (loved being Mutt's sidekick as rear guard). Being able to heal because of the gifts from The Pride and from Scarlet Rose ...... I just have to stay...
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    Cartographer needed - Jake the Page

    ... Request from Jake the Page ... I got some land in Springdale from Sir Sebastian. It is 10 acres, 5 miles South East of Fort Aegis. Tolib said I should get a map and find out what the land is like. He said I need to know about its shape and water and if it's close to a road or trail. He said...
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    Friday Night Social Hour

    Please join us at the Fire Ring this Friday Night at the 9th hour to exchange news and stories. We will be summoned to the Tavern by the triangle or messenger pigeon. Springdale is in need of sturdy buildings and fortification. Refresh yourself from the long carriage ride in exchange for...
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    Food Allergies / Preferences

    Are we missing any ??? These registered people have food allergies or preferences recorded: Mike/Thudd Gabe / Red Ian / Banradi TC / Naomi Baylan / Dirty Goblin Brigit/Belfry/Sloane Jenn / Mutt / Zima And these non-registered people: JT/Joseph Smith Waller /Arai Evie...
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    October Menu 2019

    Please let us know if we need to make any adjustments for dietary needs. Breakfast with Brigit French toast bread pudding Biscuits and sawmill gravy Assorted pastries (homemade) Sausage links Lunch with Diane Baked chicken legs Baked Mac.n.cheese Green bean casserole Chocolate Chip Cookies...
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    Goals for the Gathering

    Young Jake and I are very interested to learn all we can about: Springdale and its communities. Fort Aegis. Any possible threat to the Kingdom from Alacar. Bandits, Myconids, Lumber Shortage, Spies, Panthergast, Waymaker Network. Breath Deep, Tolib...