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    August 9-11 "A Light in the Distance" Favorite Moments

    I totally forgot about having a book of languages, Rawcuil (sorry about the spelling earlier) saying "you have this language in here! where did you get this?" I was so happy I had copied every book I have ever been around while PCing Tempesta.
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    Please CMA

    I went to the new site to register for the next event the first weekend in September but NH does not show up? Is it still available?
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    August 9-11 "A Light in the Distance" Favorite Moments

    I was so grateful for all the NPCs and the PCs who hopped the fence to make sure everyone got to have a great time. There are so many to list but here is what I can think of right off the top of my head: 1. HONKING CLAMS - I cannot tell you how much I loved this adventure getting elbow deep into...
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    May 31- June 2 "Welcome Mistwalkers"

    NPCs - you were few but fierce! What a great job. I enjoyed you killing me with so many different faces! Tempesta's new life goals of communicating with the "Tree Guardians" (Kikari) [sp?] The ant queen giving us RIDING ANTS for treasure!!! Sparky is amazing and I have to figure out how to...
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    May 2-5 opener favorites

    NPCs, as always, what a great bunch of folks making our time so much more enjoyable. The two elves, brother and sister, who were so generous and welcoming. Sometimes I find it hard to get to know someone new in game but you guys make it so much fun. Great costumes, great props, delicious food...
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    Please CMA

    I thought we had to Re-re-make our characters and I thought I could buy it at that time. So I would have way more than enough to purchase it since it would be going back to the beginning. But I just tried to remake the char last night (Sun) and all of my stuff was still spent. Do we not have to...
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    Please CMA

    Are we supposed to remake our characters yet? Also, I cannot find how to buy "shield" on my skills to purchase thing. Anyone know how?
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    Please CMA

    I am a goober. I lost the link for rebuilding a magic item :(
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    Please CMA

    So I found the reset password in my spam folder YAY! but when we tried to log into Mike's account to make his characters, it showed no gobbies. he should have many thousands as he rarely spends his. Can someone look into that and please add his gobbies in so he can spend them please? according...
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    Please CMA

    So I tried logging in to the CMA to rebuild my character. It wanted a password, I have no idea what it is so clicked "forgot password". I got the message that an email would be arriving to help me reset my password. It has been about 20 mins since I first tried and no email has arrived. I will...
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    Winter Downtime/IBGA Guidelines

    Quick question. Last time I tried submitting ibga's I was not getting the emails back from you guys. I had submitted Tempesta's IBGA quite a while ago as she will be the character I will be playing this year. I haven't seen an email come back about it. I realize it is still 2 weeks away. I just...
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    2.0 Pre-Release Event

    I saw on the prelogist board that Logistics will be there to help us "re-make" our characters and magic items. I did see that from now on we (the players) are required to logist our own characters and bring our own cards, etc. For this first event will there be the ability to print cards and...
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    May 3 - May 5 Players List for 2.0 Pre-Release Event

    I am just wondering if there will be someone there to help me re-make my character and re-make her magic item? I have no clue what I'm doing. Sorry I don't get on the boards that much anymore and so I am not sure if there is a "remake your character" party or something.
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    Work Day at Camp

    Mike is planning on replacing the roof of the old celestial building on Memorial Day weekend. Any help will be much appreciated. Even if it is just hauling wood, toting ladders, etc. This will hopefully give the game a room to have mods, etc.
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    May Opener Favorites !!

    All things Ralph All the new characters (it's going to take me a while to remember an entirely new set of names) Black Tusk team Muppet Babies The Chaos Born Finding my first magic item by killing a monster!!! And then unknowingly giving that celestial magic item to a biata to use. The...