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    Why don't you NPC?

    For me, it's that I simply can't play a crunchy for that long. I enjoy a secondary campaign where I'm a fighter for two weekends a year, and I will often double-hook to assist the experience for others, but a full weekend of non-plot NPCing just seems more brutal than my aging body can handle.
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    Traveler from Stradyn

    Hello? Can anyone hear me? My name is Flindo Featherfoot, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a native of Stradyn. I've never attempted voluntary mist travel before, and since I am told that Aer'Astria's distance through the mists is far shorter than usual this month, I'm making the...
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    A volume can't be 64 inches. It could be 64 cubic inches, but not 64 inches. It's probably a one-word fix, but it's an important word!
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    p95, "Calling Damage" references Evocation Blade twice, which should be Enhanced Blade.
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    Fellow scroll users

    I don't like having things attached to me, so I made a small scroll book that fits into my satchel. I took a cheap 4x6 photo album, wrapped it with some faux leather in the way that I wrapped textbooks as a kid, and I put the scroll reps into the sleeves. I even made some simple reps to make...
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    Resolved Recharge Prowess and Scholarly Skills

    Hey, ARC! As written, I don't think that skills such as Dispelling Strike and Purifying/Draining Strike can be renewed with Recharge Prowess, because they're Scholarly Skills that don't fit into any of the listed categories. Is this intended? Thanks, ~Brett Recharge Prowess: This Ritual...
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    United Blow & Archery

    I think the thing I'm frustrated about is that this version of UB lets Earth get the "favored enemy" bonus of double damage against Celestial's favored foe (elementals), but doesn't let Celestial get Earth's benefit against Undead. I was already frustrated that UB gives Earth a meaningful...
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    United Blow & Archery

    Personally, I'm furious about this stealth-change. I've been playtesting Celestial Archery Adept builds that build toward United Blow for the entire playtest period, since my character doesn't have enough build to actually obtain UB. Now I feel like I have no reason to work toward it, and no...
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    [.11] Weapon Shield

    Implementation details aside, I agree with the assertion that Weapon Shield is an unattractive memorization option at 2nd level. As it stands, it's basically only ever going to save you from around 5 damage, and we should remember that Bless and Shield were such unattractive options that they...
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    [.11] Stun Limb and Paralysis

    I would really love this. I think that Cel casters need something to feel special in 2.0, and unless Evocation gets a solid boost, it's certainly not going to come from their "Signature Spell". Curses vs Binding would be an interesting dynamic!
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    [.11] Remove required packet colors?

    I agree that is totally supported by the rules, but is that useful? Would anything meaningful be lost if you couldn't do that? Shattering a single arrow seems more than useless, and shattering a single gas globe seems like a good way for a player to just say "Oh, that targeted my Cure Light...
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    [.11] Remove required packet colors?

    The uncompelling part of this argument to me is that this is still a game of abstractions. If we replaced the arrow and gas globe packets with the distinct physical objects they're meant to represent, why is an archer walking around with 30 arrows clutched in his hand? Last I checked, that's...
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    [.11] Remove required packet colors?

    To go back to the original point of this post, I would love to see packet colors go away. In many years of NERO and Alliance, I have never once even noticed the color of a packet that hit me, let alone been able to use that as a judgement for what sort of an effect I should take. Throw in the...
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    NEW - “Who Made Your Event Special?” - August/September 2018 Long Weekend Event

    So much opportunity to call people out, but I'm going to limit myself to three! [Amber-Rose] Emily beat me to the punch here, but your boundless enthusiasm is also very infectious! Even a long wait for a lair card has its frustration reduced by how much effort, joy, and creativity you inject...