Recharge Prowess and Scholarly Skills

Hey, ARC!

As written, I don't think that skills such as Dispelling Strike and Purifying/Draining Strike can be renewed with Recharge Prowess, because they're Scholarly Skills that don't fit into any of the listed categories. Is this intended?


Recharge Prowess:
This Ritual creates an item which can restore the usage of a spent skill once per day. A character may only benefit from this Ritual once per Logistics Period for each category of skill. The skill being renewed must be in one of the following categories: Martial Skills, Stealth Skills, Battle Magic spell, Racial skill.​


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
This is being examined and updates will be noted if and when they happen. For now, Dispelling and Purifying/Draining Strike cannot be Recharged via Recharge Prowess.