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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Im super excited for the 2.0 rulebook. All the new rules compiled in one easy location. So I dont have to bug the local much
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    2.0 Dark Elf - Makeup, Wigs, and More

    I ve found that if you want the best look, you have to do two things well. 1-coverage and 2-seal. 1 - (Coverage) Whatever tint or hue you go with, for the best skin coverage and solid look, charcoal powder is a must. Do contacts first then hair then skin last. For hair I've had very little...
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    LARP Playlist

    Vhossek : E-nomine "Mitternacht" Malukah " The Dragonborn Comes"
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    Indeed. And yet, the people are left without proper leadership. A queen could assume title and ease the fears of the populous before the spiders come crawling from the filth to vie for power.
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    to the slavers

    Crow, allow me to correct you. You WISH to be a real Dark Elf. A true Dark Elf would rather their spirit be weakened to permanent death 1000 times before they would degrade themselves by publicly walking around as anything other than what they are. Every time you claim to be a Dark Elf while...
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    Racial Packet Art...

    Yah, that was more or less a conceptual choice. Mainly it is just there to guide the eye back through the piece. something that would be difficult to do properly with other types of weapons without also changing the stance of the figures. I was actually thinking of making the chain a glowing...
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    Lets share our logos and get feed back.

    Is there a specific name for the font you were referring to? or an example I could take a look at?
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    Your character's picture on Google

    Not a common name so it actually came up with me.
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    Wizard World Philadelphia

    How did it go? any pictures?
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    Lets share our logos and get feed back.

    here are the finished black and white versions I did. with a couple options. banner versions Logo with no scroll With scroll
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    Lets share our logos and get feed back.

    Here is a more finished drawing of the logo. I still have to add the banner and scroll work. The color version should be finished tomorrow I hope.
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    Racial Packet Art...

    You are correct sir. In part anyway. The figures in fantasy comics and illustrations often have elongated or exaggerated features compared to the every day human being. Different measurements are often used when drawing from life or photo realistic than those for dynamic illustrations...
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    Racial Packet Art...

    Well I am a fan of the Matriarchal Dark Elf society and he is the go to guy as far as literature goes. There is also a touch of Samurai of feudal Japan in there so the swords will actually be a Katana and Wakizashi.
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    Lets share our logos and get feed back.

    Wow, I hadn't even thought to go boffers on that. I will have to do a couple mock ups and see if they read correctly to the average non larper. I can try a couple different ways to display the words Alliance as well. Although I personally wanted to focus more on a symbolic image for the logo...