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    October event pre-reg

    just paid for the event and membership for Alex Koziak and Gloria Botbyl to PC!
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    October 5 - October 7 Players List for Play Test Event

    Gloria Botbyl to PC! We'd like to use her payment from last month to cover this event. Thanks!
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    August 31st - September 2nd Check-In and Players List

    just paid for Gloria Botbyl to PC!
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    August 31st - September 2nd Check-In and Players List

    Just registered to NPC!
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    August 3th - August 5th Check-In and Players List

    Just Paid for Gloria and I. We'll logist this evening!
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    July 6th - July 8th Check-In and Players List

    Gloria and I have both paid/pre-registered! (Alex Koziak/Gloria Botbyl)
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    June 1 - June 3 Check-In and Players List

    Gloria and I are both pre-registered and pre logisted!
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    May 4-6 Check-In and Players List

    Pre-paid under Alex Koziak for myself and Gloria Botbyl. Prelogisted for myself!
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    August Event Favorites!

    In no particular order... Getting to spend time marshalling. I'm new at this so thanks folks for giving me the patience. Knowing that of course, he'd lick it. Who can you trust to lick it? 2 people. Castlebur and Vincent. Subsequent moment of Vox giggling like a child when he finally got...
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    Quick reminder about logistics!

    Please have all of your pre-logistics for August 28th in by no later than tomorrow, Sunday August 23, at 11:59PM. Thanks! Alex
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    A mass dreaming

    Any paying attention to this dream are given the feeling as though one person has left the stage and another steps up to the podium. Kar’s words echo and fade away from your minds and the silence left is forced. The impression of clothes being smoothed over and hair being mussed into place...
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    August 14-16 Event Pre-Registration

    Pre-logisted to NPC :)
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    Event Statistics! 7/24/15

    Race Breakdown: Barbarian: 5 Biata: 8 Dark Elf: 1 Dryad: 5 Dwarf: 4 Elf: 14 Gypsy: 3 High Ogre: 2 Hobling: 4 Human: 13 Mystic Wood Elf: 7 Sarr: 2 Stone Elf: 1 Wylderkin: 2 -------------------- Class Breakdown: Adept: 4 Artisan: 2 Fighter: 21 Rogue: 8 Scholar: 24 Scout: 1 Templar: 11 Holy...
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    July event pre-registration

    Now this is a gorram pre-reg list!
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    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    Dude... that's so amazing