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    Pre-registration for Maelstrom day game June 1st -- our first 2.0 game!

    Event location is Stulsaft Park in Redwood City, correct?
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    thrown weapons

    I wish I had been there...I'm rather fond of my throwing daggers. They are made with a sheet of 1/2" foam from the craft store, duct tape, and leather (optional). I can provide additional details on their construction if you'd like. -Luke
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    Is this still active?

    Ah ha! Found the missing piece! Use this link, first: - Luke
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    Is this still active?

    Nøkk, I'm not sure why it didn't work. Try this link to the general rules forum, maybe? There should be a Playtest sub-category.
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    Is this still active?

    The new rules are "coming soon!"...follow the playtesting cycles and news to keep up-to-date on all your Alliance 2.0 news! - Luke
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    Is this still active?

    Hi, I'm Luke! Crossroads is just another chapter of Alliance LARP with events held near the VA, TN, NC border area-ish. As John said, we've been trying to get ACV going again for some time and have been hesitant to re-launch the chapter in full force with a big rules change looming on the...
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    2017 Big West - FAQ

    PM sent. Or message on Facebook. Either works. -Luke
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    2017 Big West - FAQ

    Is there a shuttle plan from/to the airport on Thurs and Sun?
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    Regarding My Difficulties

    Your quiet presence and your emotions are still conveyed very clearly through your expressions and body language. I can't wait to see where things go from here! It will be fun to watch your story develop over time. -Luke
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    In the hopes of diminishing tension.

    Brian, I'm Luke and I play Valím, the Dwarven Smith. I also had a chance to spar with you guys on Saturday outside and talk a little about cross-gaming. What I'm most glad about is that I had a chance to talk with you and your friends as you were leaving Sunday. You were a definite asset to the...
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    March 10-13 Event !!!

    The FB page announced that they have met attendance goals for this event...but I'm sure they'll be happy to take any money you throw at them =D
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    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Luke Goldsmith to play Valim Bloodclub! Looking forward to this so much!
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    Website Back Up

    After much gnashing of teeth and working through some issues with our hosting company (Hostgator was great and not responsible for the technical issues. Helped us every step of the way through it all.), is back up and running as of a few days ago! What this means for all of...
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    A voice across Fortannis

    While I did not know Ria Sevaria, I extend my condolences to those left behind. To the Hunt, you will always have a friend in Valím Bloodclub of Clan Braveiron. Any service I can provide, simply ask. Valím Bloodclub Master Blacksmith, Alchemist, Locksmith Co-Founder of Arrow's Reach Ward of...
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    May event pre-registration: CLOSED

    Luke Goldsmith to play Valím. I hope. Everything is looking good right now, though.