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    Gettysburg - November 8, 2019 - November 10, 2019

    Note to anybody whose characters are level 10 or lower. Please come see me whenever you are game-ready so I can give you your wonderful prizes. Either that, or aimlessly wander around the main lodge calling my name. Thanks much, Alexis "Lexi" Harrington a.k.a Zibiah New Player Contact...
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    Attention all low-level characters coming to the Oct 25-27 event

    Hey everybody, It's your friendly New Player Contact here with an important announcement. If you are coming to the event this weekend and your character is UNDER level 10, please see me before you go into game. Thanks much,
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    Dawnhart Stables is open for business

    Raven, Thank you for proving my point.
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    Converting non-magic items to 2.0

    Thank you Feldor. I was just wondering if Alliance NEPA had a conversion website set up or not.
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    Converting non-magic items to 2.0

    I have 1.3 spellbook and wand/relic tags that I need to convert. How should I go about taking care of that? Thanks much, Lexi
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    Dawnhart Stables is open for business

    Give it time. I'm sure someone is daft enough to attempt it.
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    Dawnhart Stables is open for business

    Thankfully, nobody that I'm aware of. I was simply using that as an example. I've been doing this adventuring bit long enough to know that people in our profession tend to relish in the unusual.
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    Dawnhart Stables is open for business

    Adventurers, -Are you tired of leaving your horses exposed to the elements? -Have you been yelled at by local innkeepers when you try to bring your horses into their establishment "just for the night"? -Are you fed up with other stable masters charging you an arm and a leg simply because of...
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    To all adventurers who frequent the village of Knoch'len

    I currently have access to a select number of crafting recipes, however, I require certain materials in order to create usable product. I am looking for the following: (Note: these are all AGB LCO item tags) -Pieces of cotton, wool, and/or silk -Random pieces of bone -Armor quality Ironhide...
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    Stormbreak may Event

    Pre-reg sent. I'll be sending in my payment on Friday. Edit: Membership & Event paid for. Sorceress Mallory Morgan is ready to electrify all the things!
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    Attention alcohol enthusiasts.......

    The Golden Gryphon Trading Company is pleased to announce that we will have a variety of ales, wines, and other spirits for sale at Knoch'len's fine drinking establishment this coming weekend. Our current stock consists of the following: Ales Driftwood Ale Grimdal Keegan's Skullsplitter Wines...
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    April 5-7 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    I just filled out the registration form last night. All I need to do now is fill out the CMA.
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    Fence Jumper Sign-up

    I'm up for jumping over on Friday night.
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    AGB 2018 October Closer: Unscaled Event

    But, but....... the title of the event is "And The Scales Will Rise Again".....