1/5/19 Tavern Night/Workshop(s)


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Hey Everyone!

2018 has come to a close, and we want to thank you everyone for sticking through a tough year between issues on/off camera, site issues, injuries, and California being generally on fire. And for many it feels as though we were robbed of our season closers. To that end we have put together some content for you to ring in the new year
2019 is here, and on the way to making it awesome we have prepared some unique content to help everyone improve their experience, in, and out of game. Come join us for a Tavern Night/Fair Day in a warm, cozy house, with running water, and significantly less bugs, that our crew will transform into an immersive setting for your characters to interact with each other, and some of your favorite cast characters. If you wanted those long involved scenes this is definitely a time to make that happen.
Costume is necessary, and a minimum amount of effort should be made for makeup requirements, etc. There will be facilities available for you to change, and don said costumes, etc.
Weapons. While the play space may be somewhat tight, there is always the danger of something happening, or going wrong so your character should come armed, and equipped.
You should definitely come armed, and equipped for eating. As there will be some hot food, and other period esque snacks available. You are of course highly encouraged to bring your own feasting gear. Some loaner stuff is available, I won’t let you go hungry, but this is a great excuse for some period snackware. There will be simple, but hearty fare, with a vegetarian option.


I appreciate the vote of confidence, but expertise sounds a little much. Experience is more accurate. I have made a lot of mistakes, and been around, and exposed to enough other environments, groups, and activities that I have learned a few things. I hope. This is a chance for me to share some of those experiences, with you in a face to face setting.

* * * Notes * * *

Please arrive before 10:00am, anytime after 9:30 AM. The workshops START at 10:00AM, if you arrive at 10:00AM, you will be late, and disruptive. Please respect your fellow gamers time, and arrive on time so you can be comfortable, ready to go.

For those of you arriving for the Tavern Night.
If you arrive, or think that you will be arriving after 5:20PM, please come down the driveway, and head up the stairs to the back door, of the kitchen. Once again please respect your fellow gamers time, and the space.

Be early, so you can be ready to go, and not disruptive to those already there. There will be a space there for you to get situated, and ready. If you are planning on being makeup intensive, please plan accordingly, and plan to be on site before 5:00PM, and or make arrangements to have your makeup/costume on beforehand.

Bring period appropriate feast gear if you have it. some gear is available, but this is chance to get your immersion on.

You will have access to functional bathrooms with running water hot and cold, that you don't have to boil first.
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Do we have an IG location set for this (or at least which campaign)?


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Good question. Currently it is an extremely mist-travelling-friendly underground abode, somewhere in Maelstrom.


Could I request the vegetarian option be cow-milk free?


sorry i missed it, way overbooked myself