(1/8/19) S2, GD1: Rise of the Oathsworn


Utah Staff


An eternal Oath, now long forgotten, stirs in the frozen fjords of Isenhjem. As an ancient storm, formed to wreck havoc across the world, struggles against the eldritch bonds that contain it, Isidra Iceborn, Queen of the Winter Free-Folk, has sent out the call for those that seek treasure and wisdom, alike to help contain it.

Now a band of unlikely heroes must infiltrate the hoary tundras and enter the glaciers heart in a daring attempt to restrain chaos and make known their names to the North lands!


Please join us for Season 2, Game Day 1 of our Aetheria campaign!

Location: Big Cottonwood Regional Park, Frisbee Golf Pavilion!

Logistics will be from 10am-11am
Opening Ceremony will be at the Parking Lot at 11am Sharp!

$20 for all players
$30 for Membership Fee*
(No Food Option for this event)

*This is a new season and as such, we need players to pay the membership fee. This covers all of your insurance and is super important in case of emergency! If you pay it this event, we will give you 2 months of Goblin Stamp XP for free! I cannot stress how important Membership fees are!

Pre-registration will be through logistics.utahalliance@gmail.com.

Prepay is done via PayPal at p.richard@hotmail.com
Venmo at @Paul-Richard-Iverson

Pre-registrations and Pre-pay are due by Sunday, January 6th!

Those of you that do not pre-pay and pre-register will be charged and additional $5 at the door. No exceptions!

Sign-up List:

PCs (28):
Aceilyn Brown (Event Paid)
Baxter Heal (Event Paid)
Becca Rogers (Event Paid)
Buddy Guy Sellers (Event Paid)
Chris Petrizwick (Event Paid)
Holly McKeeth(Event Paid)
Jackson Murray (Event Paid)
Jeff Goulding (Event Paid)
Jess Wa (Event Paid)
Jordan C. Brun(Event Paid)
Kandrie Mylroie (Event Paid)
Katt Ingara Dustin(Event Paid)
Katie Lewis-Kooring (Event Paid)
Katherine Tietjen (Event Paid)
Liz Christensen (Event Paid)
Mark Chamberlain (Event Paid)
Marlene Schmidt (Event Paid)
Myron K. Crandall (Event Paid)
Parker Christensen (Event Paid)
Connor Gallimore (Event Paid)
Dane Ficklin (Event Paid)
Justin Hartel (Event Paid)
Kat Krahulec (attended not paid)
Michael Hill (Event Paid)
Michael K Rick (Event Paid)
Preston Wright (attended not paid)
Gordy Vetas (Event Paid)
"Guy in all full plate" (Event Paid)

Confirmed NPCs (21)
Adrienne Pennock (Confirmed)
Becca Morgan (Confirmed)
Bri Bedore (Confirmed)
Brooks Bedore (Confirmed)
Darren G. Hunter (Confirmed)
Devon Stoll (Confirmed)
Heber Ford (Confirmed)
Joshua Reynolds (Confirmed)
Kimberly Warner Brown (Confirmed)
Kodie Huffard (Confirmed)
Marley Sage Gable (Comfirmed)
Paul Richard (Confirmed)
Rachel Intrator (Confirmed)
Roy Marambio (Confirmed)
Sam Pondoro (Confirmed)
Sariah Ford (Confirmed)
Sydney Hanks (Confirmed)
T Richard Brown (Confirmed)
Tom Witbeck (Confirmed)
Jamie Harris (Confirmed)
"Jess Wa's friend and ride?" (Confirmed)
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