10.28-30.22 CLOSER "Destabilization" FAVORITES!


New Hampshire Staff
What's up my nerrrrds!!! ❤ I am so honored to have helped write and run our FIRST EVER FULL WEEKEND for The Isle campaign, and I had such a blast! What a rollercoaster of new experiences for me. Thank you all so much for coming, exploring, engaging, and offering feedback!

SPEAKING OF WHICH - Let's hype about our favorite moments! Take some time to digest and then let us know what you thought!
In no particular order.

Myco wandering to his building to swap out some gear that was hurting me and his absence apparently causing a mod group to head in a direction they thought he went.

Being able to use armor patches and 30 second refits to help facilitate the front line during a defense objective mod.... AT A HIGH LEVEL EVENT!

Being told to be sure to take the "right" path back almost leading to Myco wandering into a parallel universe because it was on his right hand side on the way back and he had never seen what was over there before. Probably thankfully, this was averted due to an ever watchful Minerva, who almost certainly knew what would have happened if no one was watching him at that point.

Almost killing a dryad pantherghast.

being able to fit different roles in upcoming encounters by swapping around my gear to best suit the task assigned to Myco.

Watching new(er) players who had started playing alliance this season come into their own at several of the fights. Were the Isle a school for young adventurers I think they would have passed and the school would have maintained its accreditation.
Okay, it has been a while (real life is so wackadoodle, man), BUT I'm gonna drop a couple highlights here before I forget too much. I love playing with y'all!

Alarik RP with Chelsea, for SO MANY REASONS. Not only was he somehow able to be masterfully polite, savvy, AND sketchy, but also the way he was SO engaged whenever she started mentioning her "side commission" and "passion project" of leyline work. AND how he was trying so hard to get Jynx in on the info dump!! Lol, Seth, your dad vibes at LARP are 100% spot on amazing. Love seeing how you support Bella and work together!

NPCing with Shelly! New player wooooo!!!!! Hope she returns!

Chelsea and Gedin business partners FTW. I love the I dynamic Mark and I have together when they're casually out for some fishbowl RP!

ZOMBIE TRON!! I got to basically square off against Alarik (as I was the only bigger undead on the field), and fighting Seth is always a treat. Plus, wrapping myself up in glowing light string was SO extra. I loved watching young players manage the hordes of glowing crunchies. Loved watching veteran players be doofy crunchies. Loved it all.

Playing that teleporting monster (gonna make y'all FOIG the monster name, if you don't know it!) with Nick!! Credit to Albert for the idea/inspiration, and thanks to the PCs for some feedback about how to thread the needle of terrifying vs. frustrating. So glad we got to out again on Sunday, not only to make those minor tweaks in our approach to playing it, but also because it is now my absolute fav monster to play. *BAMF.*

Hearing PCs (Dr. Oscariot, specifically!) use the proper term "Nexus beast" in combat, after being able to have Belle FINALLY explain the Shapeshifters to them!

(Y'know I think there's something special about inventing flavorful new monsters for a campaign... Feels kinda cool.)

ALL. THINGS. MYCO. And the "rescue Myco mod"! Please always wander away right after "the wind" drops plot hints at you. That was the BEST.

Bellverata with her Goat Eyes and Cosmological Nihilism! Oh man, there's so much going on there... firstly, I do appreciate the player feedback about scope and stakes, which is great food for thought about exposition pacing (at the least!). And I'm not sure I conveyed as much as I had hoped with her... BUT! I still love her and her story, and I *LOVED* that moment, as soon as she started explaining "little infinity vs. big infinity" with apples and bananas, and Flora immediately groked it and was like "so how do we stop the blanapple entanglement..."

Being Dr. Strange projections in the final fight! OH, and Albert's DRAMATIC defeat!! ::chef's kiss:: Theatrical pillow parties are best pillow parties.

Thanks to all players and staff for a great closer and a huge learning experience! I appreciate this opportunity so much, and remain very excited for growth in all ways!

(Stay tuned for a winter IBGA thread to drop, soon! Happy off-season, y'all!!)