12-14 Dec Pre-Reg CLOSED


Alliance LARP Charlottesville's first event is nearly upon us! :eek:

When: 12-14 Dec, 2014

Where: Holiday Lake 4-H Education Center near Appomattox, VA

Weather: It will be COLD at this event and possibly have a couple inches of SNOW on the ground. Wear layers, bring good shoes, and extra pairs of socks!

Event Fee:
PC Pre-Reg Price: $65 until Dec 7th
PC At-the-Door Price: $75, CASH ONLY

Holiday Lake has their own, full-time, professional kitchen staff which will cater Brunch on Saturday/Sunday and Dinner Saturday night! If you would like to participate in the food plan, you must pay by Dec 1st so that we can give the site an accurate head count.
  • PC: $30
  • NPC: $10
If having professional chefs provide your meals for you is somehow unappealing, there is also a small (read: apartment-sized) kitchen area available out-of-game where you can make your own food. Please let us know if you plan to use this area so that we can show you where it is and such.

Please fill out our bare-bones pre-reg form here: http://www.alliancecville.com/Pre-Reg/pre-reg.html

Be sure to put in the notes section if you have any allergies (food or otherwise), other medical concerns, would like to take an NPC shift (for PCs), and MOST IMPORTANTLY if you plan on taking advantage of the on-site catering for meals or not. We need to have a head count in to the site a couple weeks in advance in order to ensure they make enough food for everyone.

Also, please remember we have NO BUILD CAP, but we do have a Ritual Cap as described at the following link: http://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/policy-alliance-charlottesville-ritual-cap.28174/

Sleeping Arrangements (First come, first served, except private cabins which are reserved):
  • Boys' Bunkhouse - Can sleep 34. Four rooms with four over/under bunk beds and 2 single beds in the center hall. Heated.
  • Large Bunkhouse - Sleeps 64 total. Two top rooms sleep 14 each with over/under bunk beds with bathrooms attached, two bottom rooms sleep 18 each. Heated.
  • Cabins 1-15 - Each cabin sleeps 8-10, four over/under bunk beds and 2 optional twin beds in center. Not heated. You may bring ELECTRIC space heaters if you insist on sleeping in a plywood box in the middle of Winter.
  • Private Cabins (not on map; located near parking area) - $40 reservation fee. Two rooms each, bathroom, and common space. Heat and AC.
    • Hydra - Joe S.
    • Sphinx - Christina V.
    • Chimera - Christina V.
    • Manticore - Dave D.
    • Gorgon - Brian S.

All payments can be sent via PayPal to owner@alliancecville.com (Please write in the comments who you are paying for, if you are purchasing the food plan, and if you are reserving a cabin)

Questions can be posted here or sent to GM@alliancecville.com

  1. Loren W. (Maluhia) membership+event+food
  2. Daniel N. (Trel) membership+event
  3. David D. (Stephano) membership+event+food+private cabin
  4. Alex G. (Carr) membership+event+food
  5. Ryan S. (Roscoe) event
  6. Greg H. (Jas) membership+event+food
  7. Joe S. (Simon) event+food+private cabin
  8. Alex K. (TBD) membership+event+food
  9. Adam S. (Nymbus)
  10. Daniel E. (Bumi)
  11. Christina V. (TBD) membership+event+private cabin+private cabin
  12. Tab M. (Root) membership+event
  13. Brian S. (Kerak) private cabin
  14. Ryan S. (Trevor)
  15. Dave V. (Alorien) membership+event
  16. Emily V. (Aishling) membership+event
  17. Scott B. (Castlebur) membership+event
  18. Phil N. (Shinryuu) membership+event
  19. Rich D. (Himson)
  20. Shaun B. (Keldar) membership+event
  21. Wyn W. (Kur)
  22. Jeff R. (Val-Keer)
  23. David S. (Mercennarius)
  24. India Furney (Daji)
  1. Matthew M. membership+food
  2. Luke G. membership+food
  3. John P. membership+food
  4. Erika N. food
  5. Jessica F. membership+food
  6. Willow A. membership+food
  7. Chandler A. membership+food
  8. Mike G.
  9. Lauren K.
  10. Francis C.
I registered before this post so I didn't comment with answers to these questions. I'll sign up for an NPC shift if you're short on bodies come event time and can use a packets-only person.

Do you want casters homed in other chapters to fill out their spells/high magic on your form, or do you want to be emailed such as in a CC on the request email for a card transfer? I registered with it blank because with rounding mismatches I won't know my build until the first week of December and that's plus or minus affording a spell. I'm sure I'm not alone I'm that boat.
Writing an email to update your spell list after the first will be fine! The sooner we can get the lists, the better, but we also understand the need to wait. If you'd like to send us what you have and then add a spell later or adjust your list at that time, we can accommodate that, too!

-Luke G.
Several concerns have been raised...

Payments! If you CANNOT send us payment via Paypal BEFORE the event, please PM myself or Luke G. above. We are happy to work things out with our players!

Food! Some have raised the question of going off-site to get food. There are a number of places to get food locally (20 minute-ish drive). I will compile and post a list as we get closer to the event.

- Perkins
Some of you may noticed that we haven't posted a membership fee yet!

MEMBERSHIP FEES: $10. This will cover our Dec event, and 1 event next year of your choosing! You will also receive a discounted rate on next years membership!
(subject to change)

- Perkins
To clarify, that's a single event membership fee any time next year or $10 off a year-long membership.

I will be updating this more and getting back to those who have questions waiting in my email inbox tonight.

-Luke G.
If someone could approve my access to the chapters website that would be great. I will be pre-reging this week-end. Extra Cabin for me please!

btw....thanks to Luke for coming out to Numina again this week and making the announcement. I am trying to see how many people I can get to come and check your game out!

Joe S,
Joe, you shouldn't need any special access. Are you getting an error when using the link above?

Okay, pre-reg sent in and paid for a cabin! Luke, there is a secondary email you were CC'd on, just let me know if you see it. Thanks!
Saw it! Just waiting for confirmation and we'll have everything ready for you when you arrive =)

I took a few pictures while I was at the site this past weekend. Check out the event page and our Facebook page for a sneak peek at the food, lodging, and general scenery!

We will be sending out follow-up emails this weekend and early next week on all outstanding logistics requests and reminders on any unpaid memberships/event fees. Just over a week to go and only 3 days left to qualify for our pre-reg price!

Weather update: no precipitation expected at the site all week and through the weekend! Temps will be in the 30s to 50s.

-Luke G.
Attention players,
Logistics will open at 8PM. We will be having "Listen Up" start @ approximately 9-9:30PM. A hard start "Game On" will occur at approximately 10PM. Late arrivals please report to Monster Camp.
~John Perkins, ACV Staff Head
Attention players,
Monster Camp needs water and snacks for this weekend's event! We are offering a 10GS:$1 ratio for any donations made this weekend. Please bring your receipts.
~John Perkins, ACV Staff Head
Attention players!!
Due to traffic on the East Coast, times are changing. We will open Logistics (officially) at 9:00 PM. "Listen Up" will start around 10:00-10:30 PM. We will commence a Hard Start at roughly 11:00 PM.
~John Perkins, ACV Staff Head