2.0 Conversion Characters and Other Items

The official launch date for the Alliance LARP 2.0 Rules is May 31, 2019
This means we will be the first Chapter to run an official Event under the 2.0 Rules.
It also means that we're a month and a half from launch date and there's a lot to do. We're looking to all our Player to help us get through this effort as smoothly as possible, so here's the information you've all been waiting for.​


  • The time to finalize your Character Builds is fast coming to a close. The Skills you have at the start of the May 31 Event is your starting 2.0 Build There is no free Spirit Forge after the May Event.
    • If you have multiple Characters and don't know what Skills you want for all of them, make sure to have them all reset before May 31.
  • Remember that you can update your Character's Race in conjunction with the 2.0 Change
Other Items:
  • The following items need to be exchanged for 2.0 Items
    • Spellbooks- These items will be replaced with their 2.0 counterpart
    • Alchemy Books- These items will be replaced with their 2.0 counterpart
    • Workshops- These items will be replaced with their 2.0 counterpart
    • Production Items that have changed- These items will be replaced with their 2.0 counterpart
      • Laugh, Nausea, Feeblemind, and Vertigo
      • Vorpal Coating
      • Serious Vorpal Coating
      • Dominate
      • Evocation Scrolls
      • Healing Potions
      • Cause Disease
      • Magic Armor
      • Elemental Blade/Magic Blade
      • Reflect Magic
      • Confine
      • Remove Destruction/Paralysis/Silence/Weakness
    • Production items that are removed from the game- These items can be exchanged for the items of the same type of equal Production Point Value
      • Enflame
      • Destroy
      • Death
      • Harm/Help Undead
      • Bless
      • Shield
For these Other Items , once you've determined what changes need to be made to your items you can contact Logistics (Logistics@alliancesouthmichigan.com) with the following information:
  • Subject: 2.0 Conversion for [your Name]
  • List of items needing a 2.0 Counterpart
  • List of items needing a 2.0 Exchange
We will then generate new Tags for all submitted items to be picked up at Logistics in May.
You must turn in all of the existing Items in order to pick up your new 2.0 Items.
We understand that this is a lot of information so please feel free to ask questions here or in the Discord