2.0 Conversion Magic Items and Ritual Scrolls (updated)

The official launch date for the Alliance LARP 2.0 Rules is May 31, 2019
This means we will be the first Chapter to run an official Event under the 2.0 Rules.
It also means that we're a month and a half from launch date and there's a lot to do. We're looking to all our Player to help us get through this effort as smoothly as possible, so here's the information you've all been waiting for.

Magic Items:
  • Due to the change in the Magic Item system all Magic Items (MI) must be rebuilt using the following rules (Additional Information Here)
    • The existing rituals (with the exception of Preserve Duration and Permanent Duration) on a MI get converted into a batch of Ritual Points
    • You can then spend those Ritual Points on new Rituals you want (except for rituals with a Catalyst and Preserve Duration)
      • As long as the original item is a valid target for the chosen Rituals they all go on the original MI
      • If the original item isn't a valid Target for a chosen Ritual then a new MI is created for that Ritual
      • This is also true if the MI conversion results in more than 20 Effects on a single item
    • Item Durations
      • Times Ever Items -> Times Ever Items = No change
      • Times Ever Items -> Any other Ritual = Base Ritual Duration (20 Logistics Periods)
      • Items with a Duration that isn't Permanent -> All items from the batch have the same duration as the original item
      • Permanent Duration -> The first item out of the batch is either Permanent (and Spirit Locked) or Preserved (100 Logistics Periods) and other items are Preserved
    • This Spreadsheet can be used for Calculations
Ritual Scrolls:
  • Due to changes in the Magic Item System the following Ritual Scrolls must be exchanged for new Ritual Scrolls
    • Cloak
    • Bane
    • Expanded Enchantment
    • Damage Aura
    • Channel Spell
    • Earth/Chaos Aura
    • Elemental Aura
    • Elemental Burst
    • Protection Aura
    • Spirit Store
    • Master Construct
    • Controlled Spirit Store
  • Additionally, the following Ritual Scrolls must be exchanged either for the new version of the Ritual Scroll or a different Ritual Scroll
    • Spell Store
    • Race Reaver
    • Monster Slayer
    • Enhanced Wand
    • Greater Wand
    • Permanent Duration
  • As with Magic Items each scroll has a cost in Scroll Points. Using the same spreadsheet you can calculate the number of Scroll Points you have to exchange and the new Ritual Scrolls you want.
For Magic Items and Ritual Scrolls, once you've determined what changes need to be made to your items you can contact Logistics (Logistics@alliancesouthmichigan.com) with the following information:

  • Subject: 2.0 Conversion for [your Name]
  • For each Current Magic Item
    • Item Number
    • Item Description
    • Expiration Date
    • Number of Ritual Points from the Item
    • New Rituals to go on the Item (including any new items created)
  • For your Ritual Scrolls
    • List of existing Scrolls
    • Number of Scroll Points those Scrolls create
    • New Scrolls
For your convenience, Players can submit MIs and Ritual Scrolls from Traverse City and SoMI to either Chapter and our Logistics Teams will coordinate the conversion so that Players will be able to pick up all their tags at a single Event

We will then generate new Magic Item Tags and Ritual Scrolls for all submitted items to be picked up at Logistics in May.
You must turn in all of the existing Magic Items and Ritual Scrolls in order to pick up your new 2.0 Items.

We understand that this is a lot of information so please feel free to ask questions here or in the Discord
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2.0 Conversion emails that do not contain all the required information will not be completed.

Please help us help you.