2.0 high magic interactions


Here is my question. If someone has the high magics oak of the archmage, and higher manifestation both applied, can a character use higher manifestations ability while holding an elementally attuned staff?

The exact wording seems to infer that it is possible, but I'm not sure if that is how it was meant to work.


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This likely has gotten an answer by now - but just in case...

Sources, are limited by Element chosen.

Higher Manifestation marks the hand of your choice (L or R), for the element(s) you have selected. You then do not need to be holding a source in your off hand, to channel that selected element. Simply a white packet, which you may then throw calling the element selected with Higher Manifestation.

Oak of the Arch-mage, Substitutes the need to hold a source in your off hand for the Element selected with OotAM.

OotAM: Lightning - Means that I do not need to be holding a source to channel lightning, as the staff acts as a Source.
Higher Manifestation: Lightning - Means that I do not need a Source, or my Staff to channel Lightning. Allowing you to be disarmed and still channel lightning; which is really the only benefit of doubling the same element up.

If you have higher Manifestation: Lightning - and need to channel Flame... You need to pick up and hold your Flame source in your off hand in order to do so.

Now, having your OotAM as Element 1, and Higher Manifestation as Element 2... You can now channel either element in your primary hand until such time as your staff is disarmed/destroyed.