2.0 Item Conversion change announcement

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Good morning Alliance players,

After discussion among ARC and the Owners, a potential unintended consequence was found in the Item Conversion process that allowed for extension of items beyond what was originally intended.

Because of this, we will be changing the conversion policy and the way converted items work with Extenders. Previously, you could purchase new Extenders and get a full 5-year duration on converted items; you could even sell back an existing Preserve Duration and simply repurchase it to "refresh" an item's duration at no additional cost. The end result would have been most items getting brand-new Preserves at no cost on virtually every item, which was not intended by the Owners.

Instead, the following will take effect when items are converted:

When converting an item, if it previously had a duration, the "extender" Ritual is set aside and reapplied without costing points. This also applies for any batches which are "split off" due to inapplicable targets or "overflowing" an item's Ritual limit. For example, if the item previously had a Preserve with 2 years remaining, after repurchasing Rituals, the item will again have a Preserve with 2 years remaining applied, and any Ritual batches which were split off will also automatically have a Preserve with 2 years remaining at no additional Ritual point cost.

Ritual Batches with a Permanence will still only keep the Permanence on one batch; if others are split off, they will have a full strength Preserve automatically applied at no additional Ritual Point cost.

If a Ritual Batch is converted which did not previously have a duration (i.e. it was previously Times Ever only), resulting Rituals from that batch with a duration will have a standard duration of 1 Year and may not be further extended.

In all cases, the duration will be automatically converted into Logistics Periods as per the standard conversion formula as of 2.0 go-live. The "years" durations given above are to help players understand the conversion formula; items will come out of the 2.0 conversion with Logistics Periods durations, not real-world date durations.

This change has been reflected in the Google Item conversion helper document.

We apologize for any confusion stemming from this.

-Bryan Gregory
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