2.0 Magic Item Conversion Guide


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2.0 Magic Item Conversion Guide

The following is a guide on how to convert your Magic Items from 1.3 to 2.0

  1. To get started you will want to make a copy of this converter to your drive.
  2. The Magic Item conversion tab is where you will be working to make your new magic item. For each Magic Item, you will send me a picture of the 1.3 tag along with a copy of the converter filled out to alliancexrlogistics@gmail.com
  3. For the converter, please rename the copy to your name
    • Duplicate the “Magic Item conversion” tab until you have one for each batch of items. Rename the tabs to match the magic item number
    • If a batch is split, Make sure each tabs has the same item number


  • We will only convert Crossroads Restricted Magic Items and any LCO Magic Items
  • For out of chapter LCO Magic Items, you are only allowed to convert up to 5000 points.
  • No item may have more than 20 rituals
  • Any number of Rituals may be changed.
    • You may move a batch to a new item but if you do this you must move the whole batch. The following exception is that you can split up a batch for either one of two reasons.
    • One of the new rituals is not on a valid target, e.g. you had a magic ring but the new ritual requires it to be on a weapon.
    • There are more than 20 rituals on one batch, you may move the rest to a new magic item.
  • All Targets will have a duration based on the original item.
    • When converting an item, if it previously had a duration (preserve or permanence), the "extender" Ritual is set aside and reapplied without costing points. This also applies for any batches which are "split off" due to inapplicable targets or "overflowing" an item's Ritual limit. For example, if the item previously had a Preserve with 2 years remaining, after repurchasing Rituals, the item will again have a Preserve with 2 years remaining applied, and any Ritual batches which were split off will also automatically have a Preserve with 2 years remaining at no additional Ritual point cost.
    • Ritual Batches with a Permanence will still only keep the Permanence on one batch; if others are split off, they will have a full strength Preserve automatically applied at no additional Ritual Point cost.
    • If a Ritual Batch is converted which did not previously have a duration (i.e. it was previously Times Ever only), resulting Rituals from that batch with a duration will have a standard duration of 1 Year and may not be further extended.
  • Controlled Spirit Store Ritual must be converted to either another non-Catalyst Ritual or a Regeneration ritual.
  • Catalyst Rituals may not be chosen as new Rituals to convert to. If an “optional” Catalyst Ritual is chosen, the non-Catalyst version will be used.
  • True Empowerment flaws and "Half Damage from X / Double Damage from Y" flaws created via Ritual Manipulation are removed from all items.
    • If it is unclear whether such a flaw came from Ritual Manipulation, the flaw should be removed by default.
  • Remember that a Ritual cast at a higher level which provides multiple charges per day will take up one Ritual Slot on an item for each per-day charge.
    • For example, Quicken Aid can be cast at 3 different levels to provide up to 3 charges per day.
  • There are a couple of scrolls that - due to how they keep scaling - don't quite fit with the formula well. If you have a Spell Store higher than level 12, you'll have to manually add 375 Ritual Points per level over 12 (so a level 13 Spell Store would be 2000 Ritual Points, etc.) Note that in 2.0, Spell Store now caps at level 9.
  • Side note: the restrictions of the durations on the converter are not correct.


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