2.0 Production Conversion Info!


Hello, Alliance Seattle!

The 2.0 Conversion is upon us! In order to do a full conversion, we need you to do an inventory of all of your production items (in addition to your magical items) so we can replace some of your tags. In an effort to make things easier for you, Tabitha has created a spreadsheet that will help us all. It is our goal to empower you all to have this ready and set outside of games so that we can have a fast and easy logistics when we are all excited for a weekend! Please make sure you fill out each tab on the spreadsheet with your production. There are 2 tabs for each type of production so please look at both before you think something is missing. Count all of your items and place that number in the appropriate row. Beyond that, there’s not much too it. The link to the spreadsheet is below. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Because it’s a shared drive, please make sure you make your own local copy and save it so we don’t lose the file!


Step 1: Go to 'File -> Make a Copy' to create a local copy of this sheet

Step 2: Fill out each tab with the production you need to convert. It is a 1 to 1 conversion!

Step 3: Click the "Share" link in the top right and then "Get Sharable Link"

Step 4: Send an email to logistics@alliance-seattle.com with the link, your character name, your player name, and when you plan to pick them up (either a conversion event or Alliance event)

Step 5: Logistics and Staff run the numbers and cut!

Step 6: Profit

We REALLY prefer you to use this spreadsheet. If you have questions with it, please contact Luke, Tabitha, Kristin, or Brent (logistics@alliance-seattle.com)

A couple of things to remember as you begin your count:

1) Production Items have a 1 to 1 conversion for something of equal or lesser value within the same type of production (alchemy, potion, scrolls, traps, or blacksmith). For example, if you have 23 Shield Scrolls, you can get 23 other scrolls of equal or lesser production value.​

2) Battle Magic Scrolls will ALL need to be replaced to get the incants correct.​

3) We need to collect ALL of your production you’re converting. We would prefer you to sort them and place them in an envelope for easy collection and assessing.​

Beyond the upcoming Monster Camp Clean Up on April 6th we will be hosting at least a few smaller get togethers to assist anyone personally that needs it. However, if you follow the above instructions (and reach out if you have questions) we are confident that together we can make this an easy envelope swap – OLD for NEW!

Thanks all, and we look forward to helping you in any way we can!
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Thank you so much! This tool is amazing!!!