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  1. Mark of Chaos

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    Production Conversion for Denver Players

    Ok folks, as we all know there are a number of production items that need to be converted. So, here's what you need to do:

    Make a copy of the following Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...vIAZVBeXLGsmDJHHs6VXfh_PZQQ/edit?usp=drivesdk

    The sheet is broken up into two sides. Left side is things that convert directly from one type to another. You just need to tell us how many of each you have and you will get that many of the 2.0 equivalent in return.

    Right side is items where you have some choice. List how many of each item you have, and then list out what tags you would like in exchange. These may be exchanged for any one production item of the same type (alchemy, potion, etc) and of the same or less production point value. You will get back the same number of tags you put in.

    There are a couple ways then to turn this in.
    -Email a link to, or share, your sheet with acarthialogistics@gmail.com and bring your old tags to your next event check-in. OR
    -Put the link on your prereg for the next event you attend. OR
    -Print the sheet and bring it to your next event or logisitcs conversion meet up, along with your tags. We will take it and give back the new tags asap. OR
    -Arrange to meet up with me one evening over the next couple weeks to sit down and knock it all out together.

    Is your team having a meeting over the next week and a half? Shoot me a message and I could make an appearance there as well, do conversions, and answer CMA questions.
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  2. Traceroo

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    My alt has a bunch of production tags. I don't plan on playing that character again until September probably. Is it easier if I wait past the initial rush and convert when needed later? Or is this a "use it or lose it" sort of opportunity now?

    Thanks for everything you to do keep the trains running on time!

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  3. Belswin

    Belswin Newbie

    Or I find tag hidden in secret pocket, in OCT?
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  4. Traceroo

    Traceroo Rogue

    Or if I find a tag hidden in a pocket in October... 2020? ;)
  5. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Artisan Denver Staff

    There will be some expiration on conversions eventually. June of 2020 at the earliest I'd wager. So, I certainly wont dissuade people from sitting on alts and stuff while the initial rush gets processed.
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  6. Ken

    Ken Artisan Alliance Logistics

    How are we going to handle spellbook conversions? Do it at check-in?
  7. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Artisan Denver Staff

    Blarg. Yeah, if you have spell and/or alchemy books to convert toss it on the sheet, the prereg, or just bring it to check in.

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