2.1 Rules Update Official December 2022 packet


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Good day Alliance!

The following packet represents stage 3 of the follow up to the initial 2.0 rules system for Alliance. This packet contains the updated systems we want to utilize as we close in on approving dates and creating the systems surrounding 2.1 for full acceptance as our standard rules system. The CTO also has been hard at work with their team to bring our tech up to date for a live game full release with a target here in spring-summer of 2023. These items are relatively close to being completely finalized for incorporation and are the basis from which we are planning our finalization of 2.1 workflows.

At this time chapters may optionally utilize these rule changes for live play through June of 2023, or until a go live date is set.

There are also some important items to note!

1. A chapter may allow for any modifications to characters as necessary to familiarize their players with these rule changes (or any subsequent changes as noted by owner votes) however as the alternative rules are not fully approved for standard play at this time, any items crafted, ritually created, made through other means, or gained during a time which is utilizing the playtest rules which are specific to these 2.1 rules only **must** be marked as a 2.1 temporary item and cannot be brought back into a standard 2.0 game. Should the item still exist at the point when 2.1 is approved and implemented fully as a standardized ruleset, these tags will just need to be approved to be brought back into play by the issuing chapter.

2. Between now and the go-live date (tbd) a chapter should decide and announce before utilizing the 2.1 official December 2022 packet in a live scenario (game, day, or mod) whether or not to count deaths within the CMA, as the 2.1 packet is not our standard ruleset it can create scenarios wherein new rules are misunderstood/misused/or create an unknown consequence. This does not modify the adjudication policies already present - if deaths will be tracked, and rules were not followed correctly the chapter may still adjudicate the death where appropriate.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and participation within our network, and here is looking forward to each and every new story these continued updates help to create!

Tony – on behalf of Alliance Larp


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CMA 2.1-Beta Release Notes

Hey all! With the release of the 2.1-beta packet, we're also releasing the 2.1-Beta version of the CMA (https://beta.alliancelarp.com). This version is in Freeplay mode, but we did import data from the live CMA to give people a starting point. Please try your live username and password to log in; there may be a couple weeks of drift, so newly registered players may need to register here as well.

I want to thank the Tech Committee for all the hard work on this; as well, I'd like to call out Justin (ARC) and Matt (President) for the sheer number of questions I asked them during the development of this. Y'all are amazing.


- New High Magic Memorization system to allow players with at least one rank of High Magic to optionally pre-register their abilities (or some of them) when signing up for an event.
- New Crafting Memorization system to allow players with at least one rank of a crafting skill to optionally pre-register their abilities (or some of them) when signing up for an event.
- Crafting/High magic memorizations are an optional feature and are not required to pre-register for an event. Characters can register these abilities in full or in-part, with all remaining points being available to select at logistics/memorization.
- Rituals have been overhauled to prepare for the CMA being able to generate ritual scrolls. As part of that overhaul, it is now possible to print/export an entire searchable 2.1 ritual book ( https://beta.alliancelarp.com/rituals/arcane_armor/export ) for any chapters or individuals that would like to have that as a resource.

- Racial abilities have changed for some races, primarily affecting Biata and Sylvanborn. To become valid, many Sylvanborn characters will need to have their Total XP level adjusted via the "Edit XP" button in the manage character section of your character sheet. Please reference the beta packet for details.

- New 2.1 skills added.
- Skills renamed per 2.1 beta, with changed effects.
- Skill costs changed.
- Crafting abilities added.
- High Magic abilities have changed.
- Herbal Lore has been removed.

- Some spells changed level or effect. Please check that your spell memorizations are valid when pre-registering for a 2.1 playtest.

- Ritual costs, text, and names may have changed.

- New questions have been added for crafting abilities and high magic memorizations. Only characters with the appropriate skills will be asked, and their selections will pre-print on the battle board.
- When registering for a playtest event, please make sure you have registered in BOTH the live CMA (db.alliancelarp.com) and the beta CMA. Registering in the live CMA is the only way to record your XP gained; we want to make sure everyone is getting the appropriate credit.
- When registering for a playtest event, manually edit your Beta character XP to match your live character's xp (or lower). Please note that the 'edit xp' functionality edits base XP (before blankets/event credit is applied) - it may be easiest to create a new character. If you'd like to edit your current one, in many cases 'base xp' is 25; adding or deducting from that number will affect your character accordingly.

Known issues:
- The "Enhanced Quiver" ritual is slated for replacement, but currently shows its 2.0 text.
- CMA-based Ritual scroll generation is temporarily disabled until data entry is completed.

Future enhancements:
- We plan to add the ability to select multiple ranks of crafting abilities and high magic at once.
The 2.1 Beta Playtest Survey is available here: https://forms.gle/65bMuvJUvdTc3foA6

It is significantly shorter than the Alpha Survey and much more freeform.

Please feel free to provide feedback after any and all playtest events you attend!
Newest version of the beta packet is now live at the top of this message string

*Edit: Removed attachment to avoid confusion
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Alliance Community,

ARC is pleased to present the 2.1 Rules Update (attached above). The 2.1 Final Update packet differs in several different ways from previously released beta playtest packets and there are changes (both significant and less so), revisions, and reversions throughout the entire document.

While this packet stands upon the shoulders of both the Alpha & Beta packets, as well as the surveys and other feedback received over the course of playtesting, we do ask that you treat this as a new packet and not regard the alterations within as "changes," per se, but as a natural result of the process we have all gone through over the course of the last year.

As with any long-term, wide-reaching project such as this, while we try our best to catch any errors, discrepancies, and inconsistencies, there are bound to be some still present, despite our best efforts. Please feel free to report any of those on the Forums in the appropriate 2.1 Rules section.

Below you'll find a high-level summary of the differences between this packet and the most recent previous release, but we do ask that you review the entire packet, as there is a lot of overlapping impact in different items and this list is not exhaustive, by any stretch of the imagination.
  1. Sylvanborn racial is now -1 to cost of Profession with no purchase requirement
  2. Mettle purchase pre-requisite changed to 1/30 Martial XP
  3. Smithing cost paradigm changed to match with other Crafting Skills
  4. Crafting Batches replace Create Adventuring Equipment ability
  5. Workshops removed, Toolkits introduced as Superior Equipment
  6. Revamped wording to remove Production Points/Production Item language and replace with Crafting Material/Adventuring Equipment language
  7. Fast Refit is now a Smithing ability
  8. Clarified Florentine/Two Weapon/Weapon sizing language
  9. Changed functionality of Merchant 2 to reduce physical coins going out of Logistics.
  10. Limited Profession to providing 10 silver/CM regardless of purchases past 10
  11. Updated United Blow with limiting language similar to Enhanced Strike
  12. Added Stockpile Tags
  13. Reworked Break/Shatter interactions, Render now provides /LP resist shatter
  14. Reworked multiple Crafting Abilities based on CAE change to Crafting Batches
  15. Removed Ritual effects from Smithing Crafting abilities, changed Armor Mastery
  16. Reverted Ritual Casting to 2.0 standard with the following changes:
    1. Formal Magic is not a purchasable HM option, replaced with a static Ritual Strength that can be improved with HM purchases
    2. Formal Link replaced with Ritual Unity
    3. Total Ritual Strength of all involved casters is used to determine success number
    4. Empowerments removed (per prior owner vote)
    5. Scrolls and Catalysts travel per prior 2.1 proposals
    6. Ritual Manipulations can be bought at time of casting
  17. Healing/Chaos Vengeance option removed from Warder Glyph
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