2012 Gameday Schedule


You asked for it and now you got it! Gamedays are back. I will add to this list as they're scheduled. I will also be putting up the announcements on Facebook. I intend to have one a month whenever possible. Additional gameday info below the schedule post.

Valley of Ghosts Minisode 4, Daybreak: Tournament
Note this event is tentative (as in subject to change)
Lord Kendrick Drust, former ambassador of the Bittersong Meadows, invites one & all to a day of fun & competition. Please join us at the Daybreak Farmstead in the Valley of Ghosts on the 17th day of June. Multiple events for adventurers of various abilities and skill sets, culminating in a battle royal. Generous prizes will be awarded to the winners of the various events. Come try your hand and may fortune always follow you.

All Tarndale laws must be observed during the course of the event, so no necromancy. Such treachery will be met with swift justice.

Events TBA.

Sunday, June the 17th
NPC call 10:00AM
Logistics 10:30AM
Lay on at 11:00am (Do not be late, let us know if you are going to be late so arrangements can be made ahead of time.)
Game off by 4:30pm

You can eat lunch any time during the day, between competing. I recommend bringing a sack lunch or Shane is organizing an IG BBQ. See this thread for details: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6894.


Unless otherwise stated, all game days will be $10 to PC, free to NPC. We will be playing at Brittany's farm (IG: Daybreak Farmstead).

19915 NE 141st
Woodinville WA, 98077

Site notes:
When you get onto 141st go past the first two houses and start to go down the hill. You'll see a culdesak on the side and that's where everyone should try to fit their cars. There should be enough room. Park up there and walk down the hill.

If you need to use the restroom please ask one of the designated people (announced at opening) to escort you. Do not go by yourself.


Valley of Ghosts Minisode 3, Daybreak: Little Green Men
Saturday, May 19th
More and more Skree have been seen in the area around Daybreak Farmstead. They have been making a nuisance of themselves. Progress has all but halted, as the worker and adventurers fight to keep the Skree away from the developing land. Rufus is fed up and asking for assistance.

Valley of Ghosts Minisode 2, Daybreak: Dark Places
Sunday, March the 25th
Work on the farm has been going smoothly since the slaughter of the Draxian herd that was plaguing the back fields. The barn has been repaired and slightly fortified. Some of the adventurers have even begun uncovering the collapsed remains of the well. While this work continues low rumbles can be heard from beneath the ground and now Rufus has put out a call for a team to investigate.

Valley of Ghosts Minisode 1, Daybreak: Arrival
Saturday, January the 28th
A new opportunity presents itself in a nearly completed farmstead. This farm is ripe for the picking and the new location could provide the food stores needed to ensure no one in Tarndale ever go hungry. Why has convenient farm not been claimed? Come and see. Daybreak Farm lay 1 day hard march to the west of Tarndale.