2012 - Year One for Alberta Alliance


Welcome all!

We're excitedly only a couple of days away from the new beginning of the Alliance! :shades:

Our year is shaping up with events already listed and posted on our main website for the whole year. Book the weekends off early, and get involved. Cory and I had the privilege and honour of participating in the Ashbury event last October, and had an absolute BLAST! Very much looking forward to having a great time, every weekend, up here in Calgary / Calandonia.

Dive in! The game is as good as you are willing to make it. Diving in full-force is my recommendation!

Look for details soon on upcoming events! January we are considering a Costume Parade Day on Jan 21 - not official yet, but I wanted to post it so that peeps could be aware and book it to plan ahead.

For the Alliance! :ninja:
I'll be trying to come up and play early in the year, can you give me the best airport to fly into, and point me towards any caps/policies so I know which toon to bring out?
Calgary International Airport (YYC) is ours. You can get to it from anywhere.

As for caps seeing as how the Chapter is pretty much in it's infancy I would think nothing higher than 10 at the most for a character. Even then you would be 4+ levels higher than any other character.

I think my Rabbit Artisan is level 6 at the moment, plus...he's and artisan so he's not there to be the big force. Plus you can never have too many alts,I'll have to see what my options are for making an event.