2013 Gameday Schedule

Saturday, January 5, 2013- Location: Hamlin Park in Shoreline, WA. Logistics at 10am, hard lay on at 11am.

"Scout Ahead"- Some townsfolk have been throwing around the idea of expanding Tarndale and setting up an offshoot village. The addition of the adventurers over the last year and the need for more food beyond even what Daybreak Farm can provide has made the talk become more serious and some preliminary scouting has been done (very carefully, during daylight, of course!). Now, at the beginning of the new year, several townsfolk have decided to truly scout and mark off an area where they will break ground as soon as spring is near. They ask any available Town Guard and any Adventurers who might wish to assist to accompany them on a journey about three days from Tarndale. All will be careful to travel only during the day but even the day offers unknown dangers...

((please note: this will mean downtimes are due December 21, 2012 for response the Sunday night before the gameday))
For the January 5 gameday: Sorry this note is late, but, we're not planning on stopping to eat lunch or wait for people to go get lunch. You should have time to do some RP/eating, however, if you are so inclined. We encourage you to bring a snack to eat "on the trail". It gets dark around 4-4:30, so we don't want to waste any time!

Reminder: hard lay on at 11am. If you are late, please plan to NPC!


Oregon Staff
We are tentatively scheduling a game day for the second weekend of August. The focus of this will be a town hall meeting, discussing the future of Tarndale in light of some major changes that have happened recently. More details, timing, and venue to come.