2014 Schedule

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*September 6th: Meet the Staff! For new and experienced players, alike. Come out and say hi.
Chris Greene Lake Park, 4748 Chris Greene Lake Rd, Charlottesville, VA ‎
8am-10am Set up (those volunteering for NPCs could show up here)
10am-12pm People arrive and food prepared
12pm-4pm Eating food and informational discussions and questions
4pm-6pm Practice Mods

*December 12th-14th: "Bal des Ardents”:
Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center, 1267 State Route 723, VA ‎
The Mysts have recently opened to the long sealed world of Urgwenteb. Dark Elves of the powerful Ardesh Houses are hosting a Masquerade Ball for their honored guests. But is everything truly as it seems in these strange and foreboding lands?
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