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  1. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    Hello Alliance,

    We are excited to announce that 2017 will debut our first bi-annual Big West Event! A full FAQ is underway with detailed information about the event.

    Cost (includes Meal Plan)
    $100 - PC Pre-Registered prior to deadline
    $125 - PC Pre-Registered after deadline or did not pre-register
    $30 - NPC Pre-Registered prior to deadline
    $40 - NPC Pre-Registered after deadline

    You may Pre-Register Here

    **Please Note that we came very close to Site Capacity at the National Event held at this site. It is very important that you pre-register in order to ensure a space for yourself.**

    Where: Millersylvania State Park ELC (near Seattle, WA)

    Who: Alliance Seattle, Alliance SF, Alliance Oregon, and Alliance Denver (or course, other chapters may attend as well!)

    When: Long Weekend from Thursday, May 4th - Sunday May 7th, 2017

    Plot Teams are joining from all 4 chapters to build up to this event. More teasers to come in the remaining months, but you can expect cross-chapter plot and hooks coming your way!

    Pre-Registration closes April 21st, 2017


    Emily M.
    Mike H.
    Rick R.
    Shane R.
    Seth P.
    Victoria G.
    Brittanie O.
    Ryan W.
    Tony M.
    Erik B.
    Travis S.
    Andy S.
    Erin O.
    Cory F.
    Brian M.
    Layn H.
    Andrew W.
    Ryan G.
    Dallas E.
    Ian M.
    Kyle J.
    Jessica W.
    Mark M.
    Izzy V.
    Juliet M.
    Mac F.
    Sheena J.
    Michael P.
    Isaac H.
    Jason W.
    Briannon R.
    Luke D.
    Tim L.
    Victoria G.
    Lauren H.
    Raymond B.
    Jim G.

    Wolf C.
    Chantelle Y.
    Miles A.
    Bobby S.
    Anthea T.
    Mariko R.
    Rollin F.
    Nick B.

    Chris F.
    Colby L.
    Emily M.
    Tony M.
    Mike P.
    Seth B.
    Tim L.
    Lauren H.
    Mac F.
    Jim G.
    Mandi M.

    Last updated 3/18/17

    We look forward to seeing you there!!
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  2. Chris Rudd

    Chris Rudd Newbie

    What time does the event srart on May 4th?
  3. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    My best estimate is logistics closing around 9/10p, and game on around that same time.
  4. Dal

    Dal Newbie

    when is the pre-reg deadline?
  5. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    April 21st, 2017 :)
  6. Otaras Bar

    Otaras Bar Newbie

    Just sent my payment! So excited to see everyone on the west coast!
    First time on the west coast
    First time at Alliance Seattle
    First time going to a long weekend event
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  7. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    The pre-registration list has been updated as of 3/18/17!
  8. Renner

    Renner Adept

    Are pages $100 or is there a reduced price?
  9. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    Pages will be $80 with pre-registration, or $105 without :)

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