2017 Opener Announcements


Hey Everyone!

Just a few things to note for our opening event!

1. Opening Ceremonies will be at 10pm in the Tavern. There are a LOT of things to cover, including some rules, plot effects and new policies, so if you are at all on site, please be there. Logistics will not open until after Opening ceremonies, so don't worry that you're not going to have time to get dressed or get into game. PLEASE be there.

2. It's going to be COLD at night. Please make sure you have layers to wear, plenty of socks, and extra blankets for the evening. Please don't count on a single electric blanket or space heater - our electricity is good, but the breakers can't handle everyone in a cabin running an electric blanket at the same time. LARPERS NEED LAYERS.

3. Please remember to hydrate. When it's cold we forget that a lot, but your body burns a lot trying to thermoregulate, and your blood flow is much better if you're properly hydrated.

See you all there!

HQ Head of Plot