2017 season Reminders

Otaras Bar

Asheville Staff
Hello adventures from near and far the 2017 season is about to begin! PCs and NPCs please help us get a count of all the players for the opener. Please fill out our new Pre-Logistics forms by Wednesday , March 22th this makes things run alot smoother. (https://www.alliancexr.com/registration) For PCs The event is $50 if you Pre-Reg (Pre-Reg ends Sunday, March 19th any payments after this date well be door price) and $60 at the door. NPCs need to only pay the yearly membership fee "$20" to play. I can't wait to see everyones faces!

The owners of Alliance have passed a new rule granting players the opportunity to purchase
an event for a second character. If you choose to make this purchase you will receive credit for the character you are playing plus 1 additional character housed in that chapter.

The following criteria must be met
1) You must attend the event.
2) The Purchase must be made prior to or during the event. You cannot purchase this after the event has ended.
3) This can only be done for characters housed in the chapter you are playing
4) You cannot purchase this with goblin stamps or dragon stamps

There is a standard cost of $20 USD or equivalent associated with this purchase.

Example: Fred is playing his character "Avr" for the weekend, he also has a character housed in the chapter he is playing named "Bvr". During Friday night logistics Fred decides he would like his character "Bvr" to receive credit for the event as well as his character he is playing "Avr". He pays logistics $20 and requests "Bvr" receives experience for this event as well.