2018 Alliance Traverse City Schedule!


Much Awaited 2018 Schedule

Season Opener - May 18th to May 20th
June 29th - July 1st
July 27th - July 29th
August 17th - August 19th
September 7th - September 9th
Season Closer - October 12th - 14th

Last year was a great season and we all hope to build on that even more. All of the staff looks forward to seeing you all this year and running for you the best game possible! Stay tuned for many more updates about this year including Season Pass information!

Please note the September Event has changed! Sorry.
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Thank you for the info. Is there a change in location or are we returning to last year's site? Or is that currently undetermined?
As of right now we will be using the same spot. I will be contacting 2 people to discuss options for other places and will inform people of any changes when they happen :).
Any plans for a general Alliance meeting?
Yeah working on scheduling one in the next month or two. Would like to work on camp stuff etc before having the meeting. Working on it now though :).
Events are $40 USD :).