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  1. Kitaruen

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    The 2018 Alliance Chicago Schedule
    All Weekend Events will be $70 and include 3 meals on Saturday. With that said as long as you preregister you will recieve a $10 discount. All one days will be $25 with a $5 discount if you preregister and include a single meal. Although please check each event for full details!

    There will be 6 Weekend Events and 2 One Days

    Sites will be announced in a few weeks but Camp Pokanoka, Camp River Trails, and a surprise new site will make up the locales. Also to be announced will be the date of the 2nd one day. Addresses for the sites will be found on the registration page of each event.

    March 30th Weekend Event
    April 27th Weekend Event
    May 25th Weekend Event
    August 31st Weekend Event
    September 21st Weekend Event
    October 26th Weekend Event
    January 13th Feast One Day
    Floating One Day----?????
    Floating One Day Number Two????!!!!!
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  2. Kitaruen

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    Look for a major update to the schedule coming soon including a bonus one day! We now will have 3 -2018 One Days!
  3. Pokethulu

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    Are these floating one days going to full combat or combat free? The woman with the walker wants to know ;).

  4. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Details on both will be announced soon!
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  5. Ladeon

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    Looking at the schedule I realized the opener is Easter weekend. Wondering if that's one of the weekends planning to be changed? Just wanna know so I can figure out if I'm being the Crescent Bunny or the Easter Bunny that weekend :p
  6. Corbell

    Corbell Newbie

    or Crescent THE Easter Bunny :p
  7. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Templar

    As long as we get Santa handing out weapons that make us heros, lol ;).


    P.S. I highly doubt that will ever happen.
  8. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Marshal

    Note to self: start working on a Silpa Claus outfit.

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