2018 Season Package!


Hello players! This year we are excited to announce a new package idea for the 2018 Season! Our season package this year will be $240. That is the standard price of our events but you get way more value out of this package than just paying for the events one by one. Season packages will be available till the start of the second event of the year for us. This year if you sign up for our season package you will get a choice of 2 of the following:

1000 Goblin Stamps

2 LCO Scrolls of Choice

A 5 Rit 2 Year LCO Item

A Special Non Standard Item Off A List of Unique Items

Land For A Special LCO Economics Package

50 LCO gold worth of items that can be used on Economics Package Stuff, LCO houses, LCO horses, LCO ships or any other LCO versions of items inside the Alliance Rule Book.

The Economics Package is new to a lot of people so I will show you how it works at our general meeting when that gets posted. If you would like a run down before then, feel free to contact me and I will send you what I can to explain.

For any other questions feel free to PM me here or message me on Facebook or you can post the questions on here as well.
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Would we be able to pay in cash at the first event? I don't have PayPal, or a credit card, or a personal bank account

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More than likely Carol :). Will get back to you asap about that. And yes Mason you can for sure. :)