2019 Bonus 1-Days!

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Alliance SoMI

South Michigan Staff
We've added two bonus 1-Days to our 2019 Season!
November 22nd and 23rd at
Proud Lake State Park

We know that our Players want additional opportunities to get their LARP fix before the end of 2019 so we're happy to announce a pair of 1-Day Events in November.

Friday's Event will begin around 5:00 pm and last until people choose to call it a night. There are four two beds remaining at the Event site, if you'd like to make use of one (for Friday Night only) let Matt know (matt@alliancesouthmichigan.com).

Saturday we'll come back out to the site around 10:30 am for a noon lay-on and play through dusk.

The encounters on Friday and Saturday will be connected but separate Events.

These Events aren't included in our Season Passes but as a Thank You to our great Players,
we're running them at a discounted rate.
Each Event day is $25 but if you Register in advance you can pay $40 for both Events.

If you can't make it out, you can donate $10 and get the Goblin Stamps needed to get the Event Credit.

Friday Night Registration
Saturday Registration
We accept Payment through PayPal

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