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  1. mythic

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    For our winter and summer events. All dates have been confirmed with the LYC and Monterey Hall.

    November 10th-Tavern
    December 15th-Tavern
    January 12th-Tavern
    Feb 16th-Dungeon Run
    March 9th-Tavern
    April 12-14-Season Opener
    May 10-12 Weekend Event
    June 14-16 Weekend Event
    July 12-14 Weekend Event
    August 16-18 Weekend Event
    September 13-15 Weekend Event
    October 11-14 (long weekend) Weekend Event
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  2. Josh Voorheez

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  3. Ruki

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    Oh snap
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  4. Christopher

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    Any idea when the pay no play information for 2019 will be posted?
  5. mythic

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    not until I get the full confirmation from the Youth Camp. Should be before end of September.
  6. Christopher

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    Awesome, thanks

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