2019 Flyer Contest


Asheville Staff
Public Relations Committee
Hi everyone - we are kicking off a flyer contest for 2019 to help us promote Alliance Crossroads!

This contest is open to any member of Alliance LARP, so feel free to submit from across the system. Each valid entry will receive 30 Goblin Stamps, and the winner of the contest will be able to choose between 500 Goblin Stamps or 1 free event ticket to any Alliance Crossroads 2019 game.

What we are looking for:
  1. Design sized for 8.5x11 (standard paper size)
  2. Our name: Alliance Crossroads
  3. Some amazing and eye catching art! You may use photos from our website to draw or add to your design
  4. Our website address (alliancexr.com) and Facebook (can be a FB widget)
  5. Our site address: 520 Doc Hawkins Rd. Greenville, Tenn. 37745
  6. All of our 2019 dates:
  • January 25t-27th
  • March 1st-3rd
  • April 12th-14th
  • May 11th Kids Event
  • June 15th Kids Event
  • July 13th
  • August 9th-11th
  • September 13-15th
  • October 11th-13th Alt Campaign
  • November 15th -17th
Let me know if there’s any questions - all submissions should be emailed to alliancexrmarketing@gmail.com, by midnight EST on Feb 28.

Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful designs!
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