2019 Season Pass



I am pleased to announce Alliance LARP Seattle's 2019 season pass.

We have 5 events currently scheduled for 2019 with a total of 12 logistics periods and we plan on adding another weekend event and two game days which should bring our total to 16 logistics periods. Blanketing these events normally would cost $96 but by purchasing our 2019 season pass it will cost only $55!

If you wish to participate, please send your payment to paypal@alliance-seattle.com with the following information:
  • Put "2019 Seattle Season Pass" in the subject line
  • Player Name
  • Character you want automatically blanketed (this may be changed by emailing our logistics team)
  • Home Chapter
If you end up attending one of our events in 2019, we will award you 30 goblin stamps per logistics period in Seattle so you can buyback a future event of your own choosing.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Luke Doyle
Alliance LARP Seattle Owner


Here's the current Season Pass List.

Sheets, Robert - Kantor - Calgary
Baldwin, Dwayne - Shen - Chicago
Muske, Matthew - Desylvia - Chicago
Nelson, Andrew - Rusty - Chicago
Swanson, Samantha - Beryl - Chicago
Nichols, Shane - Ezrin - Chicago
Nichols, Danielle - Nikki - Chicago
Moudy, Morgan - Ten - Chicago
Perez, Daniel - Kylar - Crossroads
Dixon, Glendon - Jelaal - Kansas
Johnson, Brian - New Character - Oregon
Martin, Barb - New Character - Oregon
Meiwes, Kevin - Ulrich - Oregon
Bird, Seth - Alavatar - Seattle
Zimmerman, Tori - Blank - San Francisco
Torrance, Bridget - Levi - South Michigan

UPDATED 5/8/19
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Reminder folks, April is the last month you can jump on the season pass and still get credit for January!


Is there something that I should be looking for verification? I put in payment over paypal for 3 of us from Chicago, but have not received any notification either way.
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for updating the list!
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DM sent. :)