2019 Utah Season Pass (Pay No Play)


Utah Staff
Hello Alliance LARP Players both near and far!

Utah will be offering a Season Pass option for our 2019 events.

The Details are as follows:

Cost: $100 sent to PayPal or Venmo

Send your payment to Paypal at p.richard@hotmail.com or to Venmo at @Paul-Richard-Iverson with the following information:
  • Put "2019 Utah Season Pass" in the subject line
  • Player Name
  • Email Address
  • Character you want automatically blanketed (this may be changed by emailing our logistics team)
  • Home Chapter
If you purchase this Season Pass, you will be awarded build for all Utah's events, game days, and mods in the 2019 calendar year. For reference, we have 3 Game Days, 7 weekend events, and a Long Weekend scheduled in 2019! That is a total of 20 Logistical Periods! Here is our current schedule in case some of the events may conflict with your chapter's schedule: 2019 Utah Schedule

If you end up attending one of our events in 2019, or if our game conflicts with another game you have attended, we will award you 30 goblin stamps per logistics period in Utah so you can buyback a future event of your own choosing.

This is a great deal for out-of-town players who want some extra build.

Season Pass Participants
1. Brett Sweeny
2. Robert Sheets
3. Konrad Laubhan
4. Ryan Wessner
5. Paul Trujillo

Updated 12/5/18

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions,

Paul Iverson
Owner of Alliance LARP Utah
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