2020 Alliance LARP Utah Fundraiser!


Utah Staff
Hey there Folks!

A lot has been going on over the last year. 2019 was the first full year under new management, and it ended up being a giant roller-coaster for myself and the staff. But in the end we learned a lot, and we even found a new home with the Uinta County Youth Camp! Right now, the staff are in the process of reworking ourselves into a more cohesive unit as well as planning next year's adventures!

To launch this new season, we are starting off with a fundraiser! Funds collected will go towards site fees for 5 games with Uinta County Youth Camp, as well as our April game at Fort Buenaventura, not to mention our insurance and our logistics fees (paper, ink, supplies, etc)

This time around we have some amazing incentives available for those of you who donate.

Goblin Stamps
All donations will receive goblin stamps (GS) that will be rewarded as follows:
  • $1-$19 - 5:1 (Standard Rate)
  • $20-49 - 6:1
  • $50-$99 - 8:1
  • $100 or more – 10:1
We want everyone to know that we plan on having 12 games next year (a total of 19 LP), also our Goblin Stamp Ritual List can be found here:

Utah Goblin Stamp Uses

Dragon Stamps
The top 10 people to donate $100 or more to the fundraiser will get 30 Dragon Stamps. These will be paid out once the fundraiser is over.

Raffles and Prizes
Alliance LARP Utah has also put together some awesome prizes to reward those of you who donate the most. The top 10 donors will get their choice (in descending order of donation amount) of one of the following items. For each additional 5 donors to the fundraiser, we will add another slot to the top donors list, and another reward item to match.
  • An Original Portrait Painting of their character by Jordan C. Brun (www.jordancbrun.com)
  • An Original Portrait Painting of their group by Jordan C. Brun (www.jordancbrun.com)
  • A custom foam 1H weapon by Jeff Goulding
  • A custom shield by Jeff Goulding
  • A custom suit of foam plate by Jeff Goulding
  • A custom Wilderkin Mask by Alyvia C. Thulin
  • Hand Crafted Wands by Heather B. Monson
  • Hand Crafted Leather Masks/Animal Masks by Jess Watkins
  • Customized Period Shirt by Candiss West
  • Customized Period Cloak by Candiss West
  • One Custom 3-Hour Module for you and up to 7 others, based on what YOUR GROUP wants, here within the Utah Chapter.
  • [Item Saver Spot][20 Donations]
  • [Item Saver Spot][25 Donations]
  • [Item Saver Spot][30 Donations]
  • [Item Saver Spot][35 Donations]
  • [Item Saver Spot][40 Donations]
Plus! All of our top 10 donors will be put into a drawing for...
  • 100 Dragon Stamp Item crafted by you for you!

This fundraiser will run through December 31st, 2019. All prizes will be shipped out to their winners January 1st. In cases where items require communication with the winners and crafters (painting a custom piece for a group for instance) the winners will be notified and will discuss with the crafters when they will receive their items. As for Goblin Stamps, they will be applied every Sunday of this donation drive, until the drive is over.

Raffle List of Participants
1. Brad Lewis
2. Jerrod Wiesman
3. Andrea Huso
4. Chris Warswick
5. Mark and Marcae Copeland-Rodden
6. Kayla Stewart
7. Josh Stewart
8. William Broderick
9. Steven Duncan
10. Moira Finnigan
11. Dustin Springer
12. Cameron Christensen
13. Michael Schwarz
14. Bethany Andres-Beck
15. Kathryn Lund

How do I donate?
Please make donations via PayPal or Venmo at...

PayPal = finance.utahalliance@gmail.com
Venmo = @finance-utah-alliance

IMPORTANT! Be sure to note your name, and the email you use for the CMA, as well as your home chapter.

Thank you in advance for your donations, and for helping us with our 2020 season!
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Utah Staff
Get excited!


I just realized I forgot to post my home chapter in my donation via paypal. The one from Pineapplemilk@gmail.com is from Minnesota.


Any news on the 2020 Utah schedule yet?