2020 Memberships

It is Membership Time again!

The annual membership fee for 2020 is $30 if you pay on or before 05/14/20, or $35 if you pay on 5/15/20 or later. This helps us cover the cost of our insurance for the year and to pay for coin ordered.

Every Alliance Seattle player must pay membership in order to play. If you are not from Alliance Seattle and are a traveling player with membership in another chapter, you will be exempt from paying the membership fee in Seattle.

You may pay your membership fee by sending your payment to paypal@alliance-seattle.com. Please include your full name and "Membership Fee" in the PayPal notes with the payment. If you would like to pay by check, you may send an email to manager@alliance-seattle.com. Our logistics team will also take cash on site at events.

Questions? Let us know!