2020 Utah Fundraiser Raffle Winners!


Hey there folks! We managed to collect $2877 which will help with monster camp, expensive site fees, logistics needs, as well as costumes, props, and so many other things. So once again, thank you for all that you do to make Alliance LARP Utah amazing! Now on to the fun part: Raffle Rewards!

Dragon Stamps:
(The following players will receive 30 Dragon Stamps for their large donations to the chapter)
1. Beth A-B
2. Mark and Marcae Copeland-Rodden (15 each or one person gets 30)
3. Ben Budnik
4. William Hawkins
5. Jerrod Wiesman
6. Jerrett Stephenson
7. Jessica Stephenson
8. John Azzaria
9. William Broderick
10. Heber Ford

100pt Dragon Stamp Item:
(The Following player will receive a custom made magic item worth 100 Dragon Stamps)
1. Heber Ford

Raffles and Prizes:
(The following players will receive the following custom made items from the local Utah crafting community.)
1. William Hawkins, An Original Portrait Painting of their character by Jordan C. Brun (www.jordancbrun.com)
2. William Broderick, An Original Portrait Painting of their group by Jordan C. Brun (www.jordancbrun.com)
3. Chris Warswick, A custom foam 1H weapon by Jeff Goulding
4. Andrea Huso, A custom shield by Jeff Goulding
5. Faolin Gill, A custom suit of foam plate by Jeff Goulding
6. John Azzaria, A custom Wilderkin Mask by Alyvia C. Thulin
7. Seth Bird, Hand Crafted Wands by Heather B. Monson
8. Isaac Harrus, Hand Crafted Leather Masks/Animal Masks by Jess Watkins
9. Jesse Zeliff, Customized Period Shirt by Candiss West
10. Mark and Marcae Copeland-Rodden, Customized Period Cloak by Candiss West
11. Heber Ford, One Custom 3-Hour Module for you and up to 7 others, based on what YOUR GROUP wants, here within the Utah Chapter.
12. Beth A-B, One Free 2020 PC Event here within the Utah/Idaho Chapter (Cannot be used on a 3 Day event)

Please contact me about your prizes either here on the Forums, or on Facebook, and I will get you in contact with your crafter and/or set you up with your dragon stamps! Thank you once again for all your support in helping out the Utah Chapter! You all are amazing!

Paul Iverson
Alliance LARP Utah

Good evening!

If we have reached out to you and still have not been credited for dragon stamps, is there something we can do to check on that?

Thanks in advance!