2024 "The Phantom Peril" Season

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Wisconsin Staff
Welcome to our 2024 "The Phantom Peril" Season!


This is our 3rd year of running for Alliance LARP Wisconsin and we are crazy excited to bring it to you all.
We cannot express our gratitude enough to those of you who have helped this chapter grow and become what it is today!​

Below are our 2024 Season Dates!

  • March 29-30 - "Being Able to Speak Doesn't Make You Intelligent" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
  • April 26-28 - "Sometimes You Gamble and Loose" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
  • May 24-27 Memorial Day 3 Day Event - "There is Always a Bigger Fish" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
  • August 9-11 - "The Supplier Doesn't Need to Know" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
  • September 27-29 - "My Lord, is That Legal?" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
  • October 11-13 - "Your Focus Determines Your Reality" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
  • Nov 8-10 - "Turmoil Has Engulfed the Legacy" - Wesley Woods Convention Center in Williams Bay, WI
Note: We are in discussion with a few other sites to potentially move to a new home. If this happens we will let you know at least 3 weeks in advanced.

The nitty gritty silver and copper of this post:

  • 1 Day Events will be 25$
  • Weekend Events will be 80$
  • Monster Squad/NPC will be 10$ per Logistics Period
  • Memorial Day will be 150$
  • Annual Chapter Membership will be 20$

Registering by the deadline for any given event will grant a 10$/5$ Discount (weekend/1 day) as well as 30 Gobbies. If you have a Season Pass and do not Pre-register you will have to pay the 10/5$ at check in. Pre-registering is very important for many reasons, please do it. It helps your staff prepare so you can have an even better experience.

The Yearly membership is $20 and is included in the season pass and as part of salary for logistics, plot, monster squad and team leads. The membership must be up-to -date to request tags, cash in gobbies for anything not handled via CMA, and to physically attend events.

The Donation rate for 2024, outside of fundraiser rates, is going to be 10:1 gobbies. This will be our standard for the most part. If a donation exceeds 150$ the rate will change to 15:1. These rates are for Cash Donations/Bought from the Amazon Wishlist. Donations that are crafted for us will be base 10:1 for cost of materials plus 20-40 Gobbies per hour of work put into the item depending on difficulty, intricacy and craftsmanship.

Season Pass:

We have two types of Season Passes - PC and NPC - both must be purchased by our second event - May 3rd at Midnight - (No prorating will be permitted).
  • Regular Season Pass - $500 - This PC option gets you into all Weekend Events and Memorial Day 3 Day Event as well as being fed 3 meals per event. If any One Day events are added to the calendar, they will be included in the Season Pass at no extra charge. I’mma Touch It Mods become 15$ for Season Pass Holders and is good until the start of the 2025 season. You will also get a Cheese Dragon pin (pictured below) as part of your season pass!
  • Monster Squad - $100 for the season - With this NPC option, All you have to do is come on out and have a good time playing the Monsters. All normal meals are included in this pass.
  • Sponsor a Monster - Cover an NPC for their Season, get an Artifact that will allow you to swing Body against a Monster Type (random) and your Membership fee is waived. You may choose the Monster you Sponsor if you like, otherwise we will go in order of sign up. As a thank you for helping make a Monster able to come to events for free, you will receive a 200 Goblin Stamps and a Cheese Dragon pin as well.

Payments should be paid via Zelle to:


Paypal link

I’mma Touch It! - Private Mods

Introducing ALW’s Private Module Days to get you through to your next event!

Private Module days will be available on a first come first serve basis. They cannot occur within 1 week of a Wisconsin Event as the staff will either need to be preparing or deserving a bit of a break.​

  • You can only schedule 2 private modules in advance at a time, this is to allow others to schedule Module days as well. Once you have completed the first Module Day scheduled, you may then schedule another with plot.
  • Size Limits: 10-14 players
  • The general goal of the Private Module must be submitted to the plot team in advance via email and the plot team reserves the right to deny a request if they feel it would be more appropriate for a full weekend event instead.
  • Food will not be provided by the Staff. It will be up to the group putting together the Module Day to work out the arrangements to feed everyone.
  • Upon scheduling a Module Day with Plot, please also provide your preferred location in which you would like your Module Day to be held. (Ex: Park, an individual’s home, restaurant, etc.) The final decision will be up to Plot’s discretion. Locations not within the Chapter Territory will require dispensation from the Chapter that owns the territory and may not be available at all times.
  • Module Days will only be held on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays at Plot’s discretion excluding holiday weekends. Most Module Day run from a guaranteed 5 hours, up to 7 hours depending on size of the group.
  • Cost for these events is $20 per head. Smaller groups are welcome but must pay the 10 person minimum cost.
  • These Module Days are officially open for scheduling upon this posting and the last day available will be February 26th, 2025.
Please email plot at alliancewisconsinplot@gmail.com as well as alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com if you are interested in this extra opportunity to get your LARP on or have further questions. We look forward to seeing you all during the long cold winter to some LARPing!

All payments must be made in advance via Zelle or PayPal at alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com. No cash will be accepted.​

Contact Information:

To Contact the Staff:

Owner - Sam Swanson - alliancewisconsinowner@gmail.com
General Manager - Carrie B.- alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com
Plot Team- HoP: Nate B., Thomas M. & Morgan M. - alliancewisconsinplot@gmail.com
Logistics Team - HoL: Sol G. & Ben B. - alliancewisconsinlogistics@gmail.com

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/FmhuTxVtRx
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2024 Swag!

All Season Pass Holders will be getting a pin as part of their season pass. Additionally, we will have pins for sale at our check in desk for 5$



As a heads up, due to some site issues we have had to move the first game of May to the last weekend of April. I very much hope everyone has enough heads up to accommodate this and still be able to come hang out with us!

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