25 OCT 2014 Meet the Staff Day 2


Greetings fellow LARPers!

Alliance Charlottesville is having another introductory day in October to give out information about us and Alliance LARP as a whole to new and experienced players alike! We will be going over rules and weapon construction, as well as helping to create characters and answering any questions you may have. We'll also be running through a couple sample mods with a simplified set of rules in order to give new players a taste of what Alliance gameplay is like. We will be providing some food at the beginning and encourage folks to bring something to share, too. Goblin Stamps will be awarded for participants. Additional Goblins Stamps for those bringing food and NPCing. If you know you're coming, post here so that we can plan better for food.

Who: All prospective players at Alliance Charlottesville
What: A Potluck in the park with Alliance C'Ville Staff talking about Alliance, answering questions, and some mods to finish it off!
When: 25 OCT 2014, 10am-6pm-ish
Where: Chris Greene Lake Park, 4748 Chris Greene Lake Rd, Charlottesville, VA
Parking nearest the meeting area is limited to Handicap only. There is a Parking Area near the park entrance with a trail leading to the playground or there is additional parking further into the park, down the hill from where we are meeting.
Why: Because you're awesome and you should come be awesome with us!
CGLP Overview.jpg
Image Legend:
1 - Park Entrance (NO FEE REQUIRED)
2 - Front Parking Area
3 - Handicap Parking and Drop-Off Area
4 - Playground
5 - Meeting Area (Shelter #2)
Its gonna be awesome!! The people who showed up for our last Staff Day had a BLAST! And I'll be upgrading the Mod area a bit by then. ^_^