9 Towers pre-registration

Ericka S.

Hmm...I registered days ago and it's still not shown up on the list. Is there something more I need to do? I just want to make certain everything is in order! Eep.
This list isn't always 100% updated as real life gets in the way etc. If you sent in your payment and pre-logist email I am sure your all set but just to be safe I'll shoot an email to confirm.

Yes, just make sure you email logistics with the request.
I've updated the list with Ericka and Dave's info (in the order they were received because I'm that OCD).

Since it looks like a smaller turnout, the four people to a cabin will be waived on site Friday, but people will be expected to use common sense, grace and consideration. These traits will be for sale at the store if you are lacking and delivered via beatings.

Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
If I miss listing a pre-reg here, just email us with the link to the receipt. (It happens mostly because I can miss when gmail links all of them together; I read the first one and there is nothing linked to it and then someone pays and gmail then links to that original email which I don't open because I think I've already read it -- you see the problem. Usually, I catch them though.) Also, make sure you aren't listed on the next Ashbury event by mistake. Sometimes people register and don't tell me which event it is for and it gets placed on the wrong list.
Mike you have me twice for this event. The other payment I sent you is for the Oct 9 Towers event.


HQ Staff
I just thought you were dual-boxing.
Thanks Scott.