A call for aid! Yonkie need YOU!


My name is Yonkie. I love you all for reading this far. Thank you.

on the way home from the isles place. I kinda went overboard and got wet. Well, I guess my thrown weapons were all made poorly, because they all dissolved away. It's like the sea was a giant machine that spins and washed me around.

anyway. If you can repair armor, or if you are an actual black smith. I need more "Thrown Weapon". I will pay the production price for them. Hell, you can even batch them once and double up!

Dank you for your time.

Joseph Smith


As a resident Master Blacksmith of Dragonreach, I'd be happy to make your thrown weapons. In the future, please post up your needs well before the market. There's actually quite a bit of effort that goes into my craft. And since it might not be well known, the standard rate for having a weapon crafted for you is double the materials used to create it, usually termed "Double Production." This makes it worthwhile to BE a blacksmith that creates things. I would be happy to sell you thrown weapons at this rate. Come find me at the tavern during market. In case we communicate before the market, how many thrown weapons will you need?



Nope, I say double, you say triple. I know how this is played :). And, I let everyone know as soon as it happened. So it's not like I could have told anyone sooner. I lost 63 throwing weapons.