A call for Aid



It is my intention to get a large group of our people across the northern seas to the land formerly known as the Ghostwood Isle. Let me first briefly explain this place.

In the Past this land was called Kith-Taria and was the homeland of the surface elves and some of the Elves of the Labyrinth, this was before the war against the Kennoridhl,. This was my home.

Over the past near decade, the land itself was corrupted first by the twisted monster named Morgrymm, the betrayer. Murderer of our former ruler and the prime Kennoridhl, collaborator. He was eventually defeated.

More recently, creatures called Horrors had taken the the Ghostwood. But with the aid of the People of Chiram's Hollow and our travelling friends from across the mists a new Spirit tree was planted. The Land had been calling out for new rulers. The land itself was seeking to landbond and create a new guardian or guardians. During a great battle the land was able to create that land-bond to a new Tari and Ahran (king and queen). With the power of the landbond and the Spirit tree the Guardians and the adventurers were able to fend of the Horrors eventually forcing them to leave.

The Kingdom lives again, it is called Vanda'Licee. To be clear, it is my understanding that the trip could be a dangerous one. Our kingdom, that we first lost to Kennoridhl, only to lose it once more to their twisted servant, and lost once more to Horrors has now been saved. But it needs to be explored. It needs to be restored. There could be other dangers.

I ask, once more, that each of you come with me to that island to free it once and for all. Our people have a chance to live in our home again, to return to a place we have been barred from for at least a decade if not more. It is also my understanding that the Army of Imirie, the guardians, and the spirit tree are already there beginning the work of protecting the island. I am looking forward to raising a glass to each and everyone of you that aids our people in this.

Please, will you help me? If any of you know a way to contact Goodman Scarn or any of his compatriots, please pass this message on to him.

Yours in trust

Sir Eroan Celebolwa
1st Knight of Vanda'Licee
Servant of the peoples of Eire
Formerly Known as Tabin Silverbough

OOG: My email is RabiesRay@gmail.com I am asking you to be part of our big over the winter break write up. We have 11 days to get anyone and every one to jump on board. The NH plotteam does great over the winter epics, I am hoping we can get a huge response on this as well. I NEED a response asap due to deadlines, (but also because I am leaving for Disney in 2 days and will not have a lot of access beyond those 2 days) If you are interested I need you to email me that you are coming along, as well as emailing:
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