A Call for Help from Cinem


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To Gavaria,

We here in Vahniel, county of Cinem, are a peaceful people. We have little need of conflict. But the past has come to haunt us and the trolls of Bajin Island threaten us again. They have tunneled out from under their island and into our lands. While they have done this before in the past, their incursions have increased in both number and power as of late. Their tunnels dot our farms and fields like sores and I worry if they continue, they will one day fully break free into our lands. We struggle now to feed ourselves, let alone the rest of Gavaria. If this continues, Gavaria will be hard pressed for food as we spend more time guarding our homes than tending our farms. Please, if anyone has the strength to come to our aid, let it be now. My leige, Duchess Akira Aoki has much to attend to and cannot come to our aid. We have few soldiers to fight the trolls. Please, if there are those in Gavaria with heroic hearts, come help us.

With Grace,
Count Kizzik Onnu of Vahniel
Count Kizzik Onnu,

I am deeply saddened to hear of the suffering you and your people are experiencing. I am but only a healer, and can do little on my own to aid you directly, but I am on amicable terms with many of the factions in the Prademarian Adventurer community; I will advocate for your cause to them. Surely they have the military might to route the threat the trolls present to your lands.

If there is anything I can do to alleviate the burdens your people face away from the Battlefield, please let me know. I offer social services to the citizens of Atupal and the wider Passwall area, but I would be happy to do what I can for you with what little influence I have.

At your service,
Housemother Adlao- HM, LSW


Count Kizzik Onnu,

I spent the last month travelling the lands of Cinem, getting to know the people, and seeing its problems first hand. I saw the defense of a few villiages succeed with the proper tools for defense. But I also saw a few that seemed to be surprised when the tunnels opened up. I spent some time in the town of Wickham with Burgomaster Judo, and discovered how well a cordinated and properly equipped defense force was able to close the tunnels quickly.

I quickly developed a fondness for the people and the lands of Cinem, if there is anything that I can do to lend aid, be it by might of sword, the aid of spell, or even a diplomatic means to an end with the trolls please let me know, as I would hate to see the people of Cinem come to harm.

Sir Corbell Sheppard.