A Call for Help Through the Mists

Adventurers of Fortannis,

I am King Jonas Dawnkeeper, King of the refuge Kingdom of Bastion, last remnant of the mist sphere of Kaida Sanu. To all reading this missive, you have my thanks for taking the time to hear my plea during Bastion’s moment of greatest need. We have been cut off from the rest of Fortannis by The Mists for millennia, but we have heard tales of great heroes who travel The Mists, and it is those heroes that we beseech for help, for without you, the great kingdom of Bastion and her people will perish.

Millennia ago, our ancestors discovered that their cycle within the mist sphere was nearing an end. Rather than sit idly and wait for the destruction of everyone and everything they knew, they chose to act to preserve as much as they could. The greatest Arcanists of the kingdom came together and wove a ritual of power unheard of before or since. They took the Fundamental Magics of our mist sphere, Creation Magic, Destruction Magic, and Time Magic, and spun them into a great nimbus that surrounded the kingdom and sequestered it away from the rest of the mist sphere. Thus protected, Bastion survived the destruction of the rest of the world and has existed with the peace and safety we now enjoy ever since.

It would seem though that the ritual woven by our ancestors had a limit. The great Nimbus has started to dim and with it, the forces that keep us separated from the rest of Fortannis have weakened. If we are unable to restore The Nimbus our kingdom will eventually be shunted back into our old home, an event that I am told would likely destroy both Bastion and anything that exists where we once did. We have a plan to prevent this from happening, but for it to succeed we will need the assistance of individuals with skills beyond our own.

In the coming months, we will be endeavoring to restore a tiny link between Bastion and Kaida Sanu, through which we can send an expedition to locate and retrieve sources of new Fundamental Magics. We have already called upon all those within our Kingdom willing to join this expedition but we are a Kingdom of peace, unaccustomed to the hardships and trials that could await this expedition in whatever world has been created in the place of the one we left behind. That is why we ask all those adventurers of other lands willing to help save ours to join in with the vanguard and help establish a safe foothold for our people.

The ritual will likely take several months minimum to be ready, and with that time we intend to prepare as best we are capable. Anyone interested in assisting, or simply in learning more about the Kingdom you will be saving from certain doom is welcome to come and visit. My High Arcanist Reynold Illkari will be leading up the magical aspects of the expedition. Our local forces, as well as initial defensive strategy are being spearheaded by Grand Marshal Xander Gloom. The civilian wing of the expedition as well as the supplies are being managed by Baron Logan Heartwood. Anyone interested in learning more about or assisting with any of these efforts is encouraged to reach out to the head of the area you wish to assist.

I have included a slightly more in-depth version of how Bastion came to be as it is today for those interested in a greater understanding of the situation, we find ourselves in.

To all who have read my words, thank you for your time and attention. For those of you who have been stirred to help assist in the single most important undertaking in my kingdom since its founding you have my heartfelt thanks.

In Service

King Jonas Dawnkeeper


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