A Call for Information: The Gavarian Bestiary


Greetings Adventurers!

I am Kore Morleth of the Atish Militia and the Blackmoon Sentinels and I, along with my colleague Tel'rendiir Baeryth have a request for all adventurers in and around Gavaria. We have undertaken a project to put together an accounting of all creatures, magical beings, monsters, and the like to be available to all who may encounter them during their travels. At last market, we faced a great many creatures. Any information that you may have gathered regarding any such creatures.

Please send any information you have gathered to the Sentinel Guildhouse in Atish with attention to Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth. Your efforts and contributions to this project are most appreciated and we hope to have a complete edition ready in the next year.

Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth
Copper Sentinels of the Blackmoon Sentinels

(OOG: please respond to this thread with your findings. Name/Description, weaknesses, ecology, where they reside, what resistances they may have. Any and all information is appreciated!)
We found some flame creatures in a mechanical sorting area below Atupal. Appeared to be harmed by ice. Despite them being creatures of flame they were not elementals.
Passwall Undead:

Spikey Curses: Undead, notable by the spikes coming out of their skulls
  • Attacks are fueled with curses. They usually engage starting with the Doom curse.
  • Earth casters can throw the Purify, Cleanse, or Remove Disease to 'reduce' the curse they use to an lower form. Ex: Hitting them with Purify will move their curse from Doom to a Paralysis.
  • The closer you get to Passwall, the stronger they are. Some advance forms will admit a radial effect upon death of the curse they were using when they fall in combat.

Iron 'Skeleton': Appear Undead but unsure if they are. Look like skeletons dipped in metal.
  • Does not seem to be harmed by healing like Undead despite looking like it.
  • Protected from most attacks save for the lightning element.

Banshee: Undead, appears to be a ghost of a person. Notable by their screams.
  • Screams are an incant for spells. Spells used seem to be Doom, Paralysis, and Corrupt. Casting the Silence spell during their scream will prevent the spell from being cast.
  • Can heal itself with Necromancy
  • Can become incorporeal and flee to heal. Solidify will be needed to combat this.
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Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

Recently I have undertaken a contract for a hunt against a chimera near Atupal after the creature laid waste and misery to the local countryside with its hunger. Following the information provided and the creature’s tracks, we were able to find its lair at a heart of burned and desolate land. This particular Chimera made its dwelling within a cave and it seemed to relish in burning and destroying nature within its vicinity, not only for sustenance but also for joy.

Our party counted five; myself a fighter, two others with more martial abilities, and a healer. Coming upon the creature’s lair I addressed it and it was willing to speak with us, it claimed due to the amusement of adventurers attempting to negotiate with it instead of attacking right away. The creature equaled most sentient beings in its intelligence, able to hold a prolonged conversation and exhibiting impressive vocabulary, though it should be noted that it possessed three heads: a goat, a lion, and a viper, each capable of independent speech and thought and not always in harmony. By its own admittance, the creature revealed that it prefers to live in solitary and avoids others of its kind, though it found much comfort in destruction and devouring adventurers. I was able to stall its attack by offering to play for it on a lyre and recite it a story, which the Chimera eagerly agreed to and proclaimed itself an admirer of music and oration. By playing for the Chimera I was able to lull it into relaxation while the remainder of my party got into position for combat. I will admit that it would have been possible to negotiate for the Chimera to move to a different region, however I do not believe the creature would have been rehabilitate and such would only move the curse of its destruction upon a different community.

In combat, the creature’s hide and flesh were cut and brought down with weapons of mundane steel, however I believe other forms of attack would have been more effective. The creature relied heavily upon the flames it spewed from its lion head and our party had difficulty surrounding it due to the ram and viper heads keeping sentry upon us. I believe its viper head was capable of delivering poison, though I do not recall seeing a case of that during the fight. In the end, my party was able to bring it down by surrounding the creature to split its attention and disabling its multiple heads one by one, which weakened the Chimera’s attacks.

In summary,

The Chimera: Large creature with multiple heads, a monstrous amalgamation of different animals.

  • It was found living in a cave with the surrounding area burned and destroyed.
  • It is solitary and seems to avoid its own kind.
  • It is intelligent, capable of negotiations, and can be distracted through music and poetry.
  • It is cruel and seems to destroy and kill for sustenance and for entertainment.
  • Its hide may be resistant to mundane weapons, but it can be killed through such means.
  • It relies heavily on flame attacks from one of its heads, but it may be capable of venom as well.
  • Each head has separate intelligence and attention.

I hope this report helps in compiling your bestiary,
Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Wody są głębokie, a głębiny zimne, ale Rzeka zawsze przynosi życie
Sentinel Gregor of Korab,

Your hunt for the chimera sounds harrowing. You and your party are a testament to your guild that you survived such a battle largely unscathed.

Regarding the aftermath of the battle, did the chimera's body dissipate into the ground or remain intact? I ask as such behaviour is often indicator of a Spirit. The creature's affect, conversation, even their penchant for cruelty speaks to a developed and sentient mind - these are also often indicators of a Spirit. For that matter, did they offer a name or give any indications of a cultural development or personal awareness?

If his being had a Spirit, they may resurrect and seek out retribution or even band together with others to mete out justice; but more to the point, it may indicate the presence of another dominant origin in these lands. If they did not have a Spirit, they were a creature anointed with the gifts of emotion and speech (or an impressive ability to mimic such affectations), but deprived of the ultimate anchor to the land a Spirit offers. That the land would birth such a being speaks to this Sphere's nature.

To be sure, it makes no difference for your mission as you were hired to exterminate a local threat and the Laws of Gavaria, unchanged by the recent ascension of Queen Gavar, only offers rights and protections to very specific folk. The question of "evil" notwithstanding, you had a job to do. Mine is only the interest of an academic, pay it as much or as little heed as you see fit.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove
Scholar Beinae-Stormwolf,

Thank you for your account of the undead in Passwall. It is our hope that by including a thorough account of the undead, it may serve the Earth Guild and others in Passwall well in the fight against the undead. I wish you the best of luck, and if you have need of another Earth scholar in your fight, do not hesitate to reach out. It would be my pleasure to kick some undead butt!

Sincerely yours,

Kore Morleth
Copper Sentinel
Keeper Dramthin Hartsboon,

I assure you as harrowing as my account may have sound, I faced more peril throughout my misadventures into marriage. To answer your questions,

Did the Chimera's Body Dissipate?
I do not recall whether the body fully dissipated immediately, I recall decapitating the final head and cutting the creature open to retrieve several Blackmoon Sentinel relics from within it. I know for a fact that we also collected trophy from the creature in form of a barb, which could have been found on the creature's hide, and which retained magical properties, so parts of the creature's body definitely did not dissipate.

Did the Chimera Had a Name?
I remember our party asking the creature for its name, however I do not recall what the answer was. In truth, I am rather bad at remembering names even when they come from a monstrous being. I do vaguely recall the chimera possibly giving us three names, one for each head, which would have been combined to create a compound name for the creature, but I am not certain if this indeed happened so take it as a rumor. Based on the conversation I had with the creature however, and its specific request for a story to be told to it rather than music alone (this was unprompted as I only offered to play my lyre for it), I believe that it indeed had personal awareness and was capable of cultural development.

If the creature is indeed capable of resurrection and if it did indeed return to seek retribution, I will try to engage it once more and take better notes this time. Philosophical queries on nature of such creatures and their behaviors aside, I do find much practical merit in studying the fauna of these lands and compiling detailed bestiaries, I will attempt to contribute to their research further in future hunts.

Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
As for the chimera no particular element seemed to have more effect than others, i hit it with lighting, flame, ice, and stone. It never gave a name, but said that it had been living in the area for centuries. I believe that it only referred to the other heads as sister when speaking. Personally I never saw the body dissipate, so I believe it is permanently dead.

Sir Corbell
Sentinel Gregor of Korab,

Excepting extraordinary powers of regeneration or Spiritual divide, if any part of the chimera remains: they have not resurrected. You and your kin are likely spared any personal retaliation from that being. Whether they had kin or comrades who will seek you out is another question, but one whose answer will only come in time.

I appreciate your willingness to indulge my curiosity as well as your patriotism in protecting your kingdom. I have not read the Writ of Corporation for the Blackmoon Sentinels, but from what you have said they act as exterminators and trophy hunters for the Queen. I would expect that mandate does not extend to extrajudicial execution or other untidy affairs of Stat; as such, any Sentinel command is, per force, tendered against unprotected origins or sub-creatures. And, as you say, philosophy aside, monsters are fascinating. Hart guide you in your hunt for love and fauna.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove
Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

I write to you from the docks of Beles, recently arrived there as a sellsword guard on a merchant river barge Coincourser. The barge set off from a commercial dock near central towers with a shipment of faintly luminous ore (verdant glow) and headed north to Beles. The journey was mostly quiet until several nights in the following occurred:

Past sunset, in the dark of the night, the barge began to rock an unusual amount inconsistent with the flow of the river. Looking into the waters, within darkness there was a faint yellow glow increasing in intensity as it neared the surface until a group of what I can describe as hostile deep fishkin or humanoid fish burst from the river’s waters and propelled onto the deck. We dispatched these deepkin with some casualties and upon docking in Beles I conferred with other sailors. This was not the first encounter though none could give a name for the creatures. I write this letter to submit a report of my encounter, and what I gathered from other sailors, for the bestiary and call these creatures “topielec” after beings of similar nature and behavior from my original mistsphere.

The Topielec

The topielec appear as humanoid fish of average human height with white, bulbous eyes; ivory teeth like skewers in their large mouths; blue and black scales thick and pronounced like on a lungfish; and small growth of yellow bioluminescence protruding and dangling from their forehead. A drowning/school of about 5 to 10 topielec attacked the boat by lunging onto the ship from water, a feat that shows they are capable as swimmers. In combat they utilized their teeth and claws but I saw no sign of using tools, intelligent communication, or tactics besides cruel cunning of a predatory pack of beasts.

The other boat guards and I were able to fend off and slay a number of topielec through stern resistance. Our mundane weapons of steel, wood, and other non-magical materials were able to cause fatal wounds just fine. I would not describe the topielec as capable or especially dangerous fighters, I believe them to be closer to ambush predators. From what I witnessed I believe that the bioluminescence emitted by topielec can lure their prey into a vulnerable position through curiosity, for example a sailor leaning over the stern of the ship in wonder at the underwater light. The topielec can take advantage of this through their swimming ability to quickly close distance and secure the kill, for example by pouncing onto the leaning sailor and dragging them into the waters. Should this fail, however, and the element of surprise is lost I believe the topielec are at disadvantage when facing a footsoldier with basic, practical training and modern equipment.

It is in my recommendation, and I hope this information is spread to the public, that when light is seen below the water, and the current of the river seems to change, the sailors should take defensive positions in preparation for boarding as it could likely be a mark of an ambush by the topielec. Withstanding the initial moment of this ambush and issuing prepared resistance is crucial in minimizing casualties inflicted by the topielec. Speaking to other sailors at Beles I found out that the topielec were initially sighted by sailors who ventured out onto the sea but in the last few weeks pushed into the inland waters where they have been ambushing and praying on river boats more and more often. I believe this growth in intensity should be investigated and patrols organized to confront the drownings of topielec now praying upon river traffic.

The Wodnik / Merfolk

There was another unknown being I encountered during the topielec ambush. I will refer to them as wodnik, a name for spirits of inland waters. This creature came to my aid when my sword became lodged in a topielec gut but its fellow made to claw at me. Before it struck, however, a spear darted out of the water and pulled the topielec back into the river. Looking into those depths I saw the wodnik, a merfolk creature of ethereal beauty. Its body was sleek and slender in light blue scales, its hair were long and green like the lakebed plants dancing upon the currents. It was similar in appearance to a blue elf, yet entirely alien to those eyes that linger above the waters.

I would not presume the wodnik’s intent but since it utilized a weapon in combat and did not attack the boat or its cargo in the confusion of topielec ambush, I believe it is an intelligent creature that does not mean outright hostility towards the landfolk. At the same time I do not believe it is a creature native to rivers or inland lakes, instead I believe that the wodnik resides in deep waters of seas and oceans but its presence in the rivers is related to the topielec activity moving inland as well.

In conclusion, I believe the topielec present danger to river traffic and riverside communities. Their activity should be studied closer and descriptions of their ambush tactics circulated through sailing and coastal communities to prevent unnecessary loss of life. I will welcome any other sentinels and wardens who would wish to join me on observing or combating these creatures until they return to their natural habitats of deep waters.

Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Wody są głębokie, a głębiny zimne, ale Rzeka zawsze przynosi życie
Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

After our encounter with the Aquavian Cabal and my conversation with princess Qora of the Triton I have further notes on the creatures I previously described as Topielec and Wodnik.

The Topielec / Sahuagin

The topielec were identified as Sahuagin by Princess Qora (personally I still prefer topielec) who was able to confirm that these creatures originate from the Opal Sea though did not leave that domain until recently. Furthermore, I encountered these creatures again during the market days when hired to retrieve lost cargo in a flooded village. The village was infested by a drowning of about 5 topielec though those proved no more challenging in combat than the topielec I confronted during the river ambush, even in single combat. In this encounter however the topielec proved capable of wielding weapons (javelins) and secreting some sort of adhesive, congealed mass of foam and bubbled mucus which they used to trap princess Qora, and which could only be damaged by their bestial strength.

Moreover, conversation with princess Qora revealed that topielec hail from the Sunken City out in the Opal Sea and all sea elf attempts at confronting or rooting them out ended in failure. After repeated encounters with the topielec I believe “Sunken City” might be a poetic rather than literal term, or refers to ruins the topielec inhabit but did not build, or it is a place built and controlled by greater power the topielec are subject to. This final theory is further supported by confrontation with the Aquavian Cabal and the late Thomas Harper, may the rivers grant him peace. Before opening the portal to ocean depths, Thomas spoke about an encounter with several beings of power he made a bargain with while drowning. Opening a portal to the realm of his patrons allowed a number of creatures to cross over, including a drowning of several topielec which seemed much more powerful than usual creatures encountered. These greater topielec were able to imbue their strikes with powerful magic to cause additional damage. This suggests that there is a hierarchy of power among topielec and they are bound to the realm of greater beings and encountered by Thomas Harper. The names of these beings elude me though he claimed they defeated the watchers of the oceans.

The topielec have been progressively encroaching inland in the last month and this does not seem to be slowing. I believe the next course of action should be to collect names and information on these greater beings of power and make an expedition against the Sunken City of topielec. More on this below.

The Wodnik / Triton

Speaking with princess Qora revealed that the creatures I identified previously as wodnik refer to themselves as triton or sea elves. Though somewhat reclusive and avoidant of the surface land, Princess Qora revealed that triton have contact with various settlements on the shores of Opal Sea and can be reached there for trade and communication. Furthermore, it became apparent that Qora was the triton I previously encountered while fighting the topielec as she was following the creatures further inland to investigate their activities.

We came to agreement with princess Qora that surface adventurers should provide help to the triton in an expedition against the Sunken City of topielec. Their most recent expedition led by a triton hero went missing and the triton situation is becoming dire. In our agreement the triton scouts will locate the Sunken City by the next market day at which point the expedition can be launched. I believe this will be crucial in stopping the topielec attacks from harassing further Gavarian populace.

The Syreny / Alkonost

Among the creatures who crossed through the portal from the depths were beings who could be mistaken for beautiful, feminine creatures. However, closer inspection showed they were not ordinary beautiful flying women but creatures from the depths capable of various enchantments such as charm and enslavement. It is believed these creatures were responsible for the enslavement spell which led to the temporary death of Aura Fairhorn. The alkonost are especially effective against bards. Due to their origins I believe they are in service of the deep powers as the topielec are and will be encountered once more in the Sunken City.

I am still waiting for them to message me back on my black mirror.

Lieutenant Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Wody są głębokie, a głębiny zimne, ale Rzeka zawsze przynosi życie
Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

During the market days I was recruited as a member of a party to intervene upon a Sphinx who recently became overly aggressive and hostile towards adventures after a history of being helpful and cooperative towards the Blackmoon Sentinels. The Sphinx had a reputation fit for its kind, enigmatic and elusive with a lair that often changes locations and is guarded by riddles and trickery. The riddle we had to solve was musical in nature, requiring us to arrange pictographic tablets in accordance with the musical scales. Afterwards we were able to approach and speak with the Sphinx. The creature’s name and location of the encounter will be omitted for protection of the being.

The Sphinx

The creature is mostly bestial (leonin) in appearance with several humanoid features such as its voice and speech patterns. The being was welcoming towards the party after solving its riddle, and frankly open to flirtations, though it quickly became apparent that the creature was not entirely sober. Further conversation with the being revealed that it was given some sort of substance as a gift from an elegant woman whose name started with “C” and though this substance tasted good it began to cloud the Sphinx’s mind. I believe the substance might have been euphoria or something similar. The Sphinx revealed that it could be healed with a herbal concoction from plants that begin to bloom next month, and that upon being healed from its drugged state it should remember the person who gave it the substance.

We are currently planning on endeavor to collect the needed plants next market day to heal the Sphinx, use of purifying spells did not work as it was already attempted by the Sentinels.

This encounter gives evidence that the Gavarian Sphinx are usually wise, mystical, and access deep fonts of information, though they can also be tricked and drugged by a cunning adventurer.

Lieutenant Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Wody są głębokie, a głębiny zimne, ale Rzeka zawsze przynosi życie
Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

I write this report to the bestiary concerning a powerful and terrible creature that takes the form known as Tooches the Racoon-kin. Heed these words well and spread them among those you wish to thrive.


It takes the appearance of a small racoon-kin or a large racoon. Though it seems to speak only the word “tooches” from whence its name was assigned, there is a deep and stark cunning of primal intelligence within the dark whirlpools of its ageless eyes. There are two facts I have observed on the creature Tooches during my encounters:

  1. Though there were multiple attempts to vanquish it, Tooches returned after each one, leading me to believe that it is either able to resurrect or immortal.
  2. The more trash it collects the more it is empowered, seeking revenge and hatred towards those it sees as complicit in allowing trash to build up.

Based on these observations I believe that Tooches is a sort of fae or greater being of power charged with maintaining the health of the land and counteracting the decay of civilization. It is possible that Tooches is one of the Watchers of the Land.

If encountering Tooches my recommendation is to appease the creature, if that fails: seek forgiveness.

Lieutenant Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Every night I hope Tooches is not rooting through my trash
Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

I write this letter to submit my report concerning the Ho’Nu’A we all encountered during our voyage to the Isle of Terramera.


The Ho’Nu’A are a lineage of sentient creatures who trace their origin to children of Terramera, the Bastion and Great Turtle Watcher of the Sea. Appropriately, the island upon which they reside is also called the Isle of Terramera. As the title of their progenitor suggests, the Ho’Nu’A have the appearance of bipedal turtles though they are markedly different from a turtlekin. This difference is especially pronounced in their innate magical abilities as Ho’Nu’A seems to inherit some of the Terramera’s talent or call upon their heritage to become more resilient and powerful than mere mortal in combat.

Despite their martial abilities, the Ho’Nu’A are not overtly hostile to strangers. Instead, their complex society seems to have a strong presence of honor as an ideal, as well as upholding the testament of Terramera and opposition to Ris’sunus of the Depths, a malicious greater being of power. Upon meeting our expedition the Ho’Nu’A opened a diplomatic dialogue and agreed to consider truce, if not alliance, through trial of honor during which the adventurers would show their own prowess and ability to conduct themselves without malice and hatred. Even so, during this trial which took the form of numerous duels and sparring matches, the Ho’Nu’A interacted with the adventurers on friendly terms and some even showed interest in more romantic escapades with members of the expedition (I think it was the accent). Once the trials were concluded the Ho’Nu’A agreed to cooperate with the adventurers in fight against Ris’sunus their sworn enemy.

As mentioned before, the Ho’Nu’A appear as bipedal turtles, with armored, leathery shells, growths of armored bone-plates throughout their bodies, beaks, nimble tongues, and a yellow coloration over their faces, stomachs, and arms, but green throughout the rest of their bodies. Their civilization seems capable of constructing buildings and fortifications, although most of their armor was either natural upon their bodies or crafted from shells of coastal turtle populations native to their island. More advanced armor and armaments were also present, such as gambesons, steel breastplates, or steel sabers, however I believe these were scavenged rather than made by Ho’Nu’A themselves.

Currently, I would consider Ho’Nu’A to be a civilization of benevolent creatures who hopefully prove to be useful allies in the quest against Ris’sunus.

Lieutenant Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Wody są głębokie, a głębiny zimne, ale Rzeka zawsze przynosi życie
Kore Morleth and Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

I write to you this letter to submit my report on my encounter with Al-Mi’raj, a being of greater power I met during one of my adventures.

Al-Mi’raj the Unilope

Al-Mi’raj is a unilope, a being the size of a regular rabbit though with a single, unicorn-like horn growing from its forehead. It is capable of eloquent speech and great intellect though it is uncertain if this is a trait of every unilope or property unique to Al-Mi’raj and a sign of it being a greater being of power and embodiment of wisdom and knowledge. Although Al-Mi’raj showed no sign of great magical power or physical ability, it seems to indeed hold great amounts of wisdom and knowledge while being careful about how much of this knowledge is shared and to whom. Currently Al-Mi’raj resides deep within the Great Library of Vitalis in Meltith.

By its own admission, Al-Mi’raj is older than Gavaria and older than the Great Library which it established before claiming the repository of knowledge as its domain. However, it is younger than the Watchers and claimed that it was “too late to become one” which could possibly mean that it is capable of similar deeds as the Watchers but their ranks were already established when Al-Mi’raj came to be. The Unilope certainly seems to know much about the Watchers and other secrets of Gavaria though it refused to divulge all of the information in order to keep it secret and keep it safe. Instead, Al-Mi’raj offered the adventurers a line of questions to follow in order to uncover further secrets upon their quest.

I believe Al-Mi’raj is a benevolent creature of power and audiences with it could be a useful source of information or guidance for adventurers in the future, if they are able to find the Unilope within the bowels of its Library.

Lieutenant Gregor of Korab, Copper Sentinel
Wody są głębokie, a głębiny zimne, ale Rzeka zawsze przynosi życie

We encountered a nest of these creatures last market and wiped them out. We fought juvenile, adolescent, and adult versions of the same creature. The Juveniles would either scratch for 4 dagger blows of damage or bite for 6 dagger blows of damage, the adolescent ones scratched for 6 dagger blows of damage and could coat their claws in poison to deliver effects that would bypass a shield, the adult could do 10 dagger blows of damage with the ability to swing through shields 3 or 4 times. Each had the ability to paralyze their victims with every swing and were immune to their own effects. The juveniles took around 50-60 dagger blows to fell, the adolescent ~100 dagger blows, and the adult 150-200 dagger blows. The younger ones had no abilities to defend themselves, while the larger had very few physical defenses. No spells were used against them so no data has been pulled on resistances or other immunities.